Jilin: The LED scale reached 500 billion in 2015

Jilin: The LED scale reached 500 billion in 2015 A few days ago, the National Semiconductor Industry Base Project Promotion Conference of Changchun National High-tech Zone was held on schedule as part of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Zhongshan Xiaolan, Guangdong. Nearly 70 people from semiconductor lighting experts, some entrepreneurs and industry media attended the conference. The leaders of China Illuminating Engineering Society and Changchun Hi-tech Zone attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting was presided over by Chen Chengzhang, Secretary-General of the Jilin Provincial Lighting Institute. Dou Linping, Secretary-General of the China Illuminating Engineering Society, was invited to address and analyzed the current industry development situation and the advantages of Changchun City in developing the LED lighting industry. This has aroused strong interest and positive response from all participants in the conference. Liu Chengfu, deputy director of the Changchun High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, addressed the meeting. He sincerely invited entrepreneurs to visit and invest in Changchun High-tech Zone. Ma Haibin, director of the Optoelectronics Industry Investment Promotion Bureau, gave a report on the investment environment, preferential policies, and semiconductor lighting industry base in the High-tech Zone, from the location development advantages, innovation and research and development advantages, human resources advantages, market scale advantages, industrial base advantages, policy investment advantages The six aspects highlight the basic advantages and development vision of the LED industry in the High-tech Zone. In the media interactive session, the participating guests spoke enthusiastically and conducted in-depth exchanges with relevant personnel of the Changchun Hi-tech Zone on issues related to the basic conditions and development prospects of the Changchun Industrial Base.

Changchun strong industrial atmosphere <br> <br> Changchun High-tech Zone in 1991, is one of the State Council approved the establishment of the first national high-tech industrial development zone in 2012, the region achieved total revenue of 362 billion yuan, industrial output achieved 3402 With 100 million yuan, the regional GDP reached 80.1 billion yuan, full-bore fiscal revenue and general budget revenue reached 45.8 billion yuan and 9.1 billion yuan respectively, and all economic indicators maintained a growth rate of more than 20%. In the comprehensive evaluation ranking of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Changchun Hi-tech Zone's innovation capability has always been at the forefront. The total number of registered companies in the region is 3,746, 95 enterprises with 100 million yuan or more, 175 foreign-invested enterprises, and 40 world-class investment companies with strong industrial atmosphere.

The LED industry is a strategic emerging industry supported by the state. Changchun High-tech Zone attaches great importance to the development of the semiconductor lighting industry. Based on its own foundation and conditions, it has planned and constructed an LED industrial park covering an area of ​​3 square kilometers in the core region of the Northeast. The park will be constructed in three phases and will start 800,000 square meters in the first phase. It will strive to build the park into a state-level LED industry base facing the northeast and radiating Northeast Asia by 2020.

LED display technology leader
Ma Haibin <br> <br> According to reports, the industrial base in Changchun High-tech Zone obvious advantages, the first batch of "National Torch Plan photoelectric information technology industry base", the light display and semiconductor lighting as the main direction of development of photonics companies More than 100 households, Xida Electronic LED large-screen display, new industrial optoelectronics all-solid-state laser, Jilin Universal P-OLED flat panel display module, Jilin Aolide OLED photoelectric materials and other products have reached world-class level, and has a number of well-known companies In-depth negotiations, the LED industry will eventually form a cluster development trend. There are 39 scientific research institutes and 12 national key laboratories in the region. The four major innovation platforms such as optoelectronics, which are planned and constructed by the Changbei Northeast Science and Technology Innovation Center, are beginning to take shape. They have joined hands with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to create national-level innovation clusters. The Changchun Optical Engine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is at the world's leading level in the field of LED display technology. It has more than 700 patents for LED technology; Jilin University and Changchun Yinghua are at the forefront of research in optoelectronic materials and new devices.

Focus on supporting the LED industry <br>
<br> In addition, the Changchun municipal government issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries", Changchun High-tech Zone Management Committee formulated the "Opinions on Accelerating the development of LED industry", for The high-quality LED industry project implements one-on-one discussion and gives priority support in terms of land, financing, and tax incentives. The High-tech Zone and the Provincial Investment Group have established the EMC Contract Energy Management Company. The Changchun City Government has approved the granting of the LED in the High-tech Zone. Production enterprises provide support for the outdoor lighting market; High-tech Zone has established a 100 million yuan strategic emerging industry development fund, focusing on supporting the development of the LED industry; the first in the northeast to start the construction of "talent zones", each year to come up with 100 million yuan of funds, focusing on LED industry leaders tilt. "It is expected that by the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, Changchun will achieve an annual output of 3 million vehicles, 3,000 rail vehicles and 2,000 high-speed trains. This will not only accelerate the development of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, but also provide new materials for the future. The new energy and optoelectronic information industry (LED lighting, display products) provides a huge market space. Overall, the scale of the LED market in Jilin Province, including car lights, street lamps, landscape lighting, will reach 100 billion yuan, Northeast China The total market size will reach 500 billion yuan," said Ma Haibin.

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