China's dishwasher market STP analysis

China's dishwasher market STP analysis According to the two sets of statistics in the figure, the development of the dishwasher in the Chinese market is very large and the development prospects are very good.

Market segmentation

Dishwasher is used to automatically clean bowls, chopsticks, plates, dishes, knives, forks and other utensils. It can be divided into box type and conveyor type according to the structure. Dishwashers currently have the following markets, including the refinement of the region and the refinement of consumer groups.

The subdivision of the region mainly adopts geographical subdivision criteria to divide the domestic market into several major regions. Each region has exclusive dealers. The refinement of consumer groups is mainly subdivided using the distinction between customer income levels and social strata. For the regional market in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions with high levels of economic development and urbanization as the primary market, the secondary market is mainly oriented to small cities with relatively low economic levels, low levels of urbanization, and tertiary markets. It is the vast rural market. For the primary market consumer groups are mainly white-collar workers, social affairs are relatively busy, you can exit Libya fully automatic dishwasher, without labor, "complete one-click" to complete all the dishes; and the secondary market consumer groups are mainly for income Relatively high wage earners with relatively high social affairs can introduce semi-automated dishwashers, save manpower, and have relatively low prices. Finally, for the majority of rural markets, a multi-functional, cost-effective dishwasher has been introduced with the function of washing vegetables. However, this market is more difficult to promote, so the main market for dishwashers is still high in urbanization.

Choose target market

Choose a different target marketing strategy, the market has been subdivided, the company chooses two or more sub-markets as the market target, and provide targeted products and services and corresponding sales measures for each sub-market. According to the characteristics of the submarket, the company formulates product strategies, pricing strategies, and channel strategies, respectively, and implements them.

Product Strategy

Product differentiation is an important strategic weapon for dishwashers. The dishwasher is divided into several grades, suitable for different consumers. The high-end dishwasher is mainly for high-income urban working-class people. The family population is 3-5. Under normal circumstances, members will eat at home. On Saturdays and Sundays, it will often increase the number of diners. The high quality of life is comfortable, fast and efficient, and a full-featured high-end dishwasher is introduced. The medium and low-range dishwashers are targeted at middle and high-income middle- and low-income urban residents. Their fast-paced lifestyle has enabled the introduction of a more humane mid-range dishwasher; The rural market is difficult to popularize, and it can attract consumers with multi-functional novelty features, making dishwashers a “luxury product” in the daily necessities of life, and using consumer's psychological differentiation to cause consumption.

Price Strategy
Premium dishwasher prices can be further divided into several grades, the pursuit of more high-end, higher price line, to attract the consumption of high-income families, mid-range dishwasher to control the price, as much as possible for the majority of low-income working-class workers; for the majority of the The rural consumer market has launched a series of dishwashers suitable for consumption at the level of rural consumption. Some products have gone up the price route and most have taken advantage of affordable and inexpensive sales routes.

Channel strategy
In view of the characteristics of the dishwasher products, in the market, its sales timing is a period of time after the potential users purchase the house and before the renovation. At this time, they often buy a batch of home appliances to equip their new home, so the channel selection and marketing communication must be Targeted, it is recommended to adopt the following two channels:

First, in the city major home sales market or company to develop a retailer for image display. Consumers come here to purchase traditional household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. At this time, store display and sales staff introduction can arouse the potential demand of some target customers. It is recommended to use a transparent prototype for demonstration so that consumers can understand what the products can bring them. And the basic working principle.

Second, with real estate developers and cabinet manufacturers in the chain of building materials supermarkets and high-end building decoration model display to promote consumers to the needs of the dishwasher and the health, comfort and fast lifestyle linked, in In some cases, the cabinet designer's recommendation is very targeted and far more effective than the mass media such as TV advertising. According to statistics, at present, the proportion of home appliance chain channel kitchen appliances sales accounts for about 15% of all product sales. With the development of the real estate industry, the proportion will increase in the future.

Market positioning

The market positioning of the dishwasher is mainly for the consumer groups with more urbanization, higher income levels, faster living rhythm and understandable taste life. For large and small cities, rural and other consumer markets can only be piloted individually and cannot be promoted with high investment. This has a lot to do with the current home appliance market in China. For 1.3 billion Chinese people, the dishwasher is still fresh. Many people have never seen it beforehand. It is very difficult for them to purchase money. Since the 1980s, Chinese manufacturers have been in the dishwasher market, after nearly two decades of development, but its popularity is still less than 1%. Therefore, consumer group positioning is a high-level income consumer group who understands the enjoyment of taste life and is able to afford it. For the middle and high-level income, the city pursues fashion and hopes that the kitchen is full of modern consumer groups.

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