Hisense Zhouhou: Avoiding the Internet is a dead end

Hisense Zhouhou: Avoiding the Internet is a dead end At the recent press conference of Hisense VIDAA and VISION Smart “Gemini”, Hisense chose “building ship to sea”. Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group, frankly stated that traditional enterprises have only one way to escape the Internet, and in the future, hardware, software, and content should be strengthened together.

It is reported that in the face of the surging Internet TV, Hisense's capital operation experience has been transplanted to the company's "soft" and "hard". He has acquired two American chip companies, video world, and the acquisition of the Canadian Jamdeo company, etc. Smart TV software platform and cloud platform. Zhou Houjian stated that he will not rule out mergers and acquisitions of valuable companies in the future and is also seeking deeper cooperation with Internet companies.

Prior to this, TCL and iQIYI, Skyworth and Ali joined forces to form a "borrowing strategy" for "traditional home appliance companies that bundle single content providers." He said that the addition of various forces will further stimulate the demand for smart TVs and accelerate the speed of industrial upgrading. However, Hisense will continue to push forward in accordance with the established strategy of a complete industrial chain and “build ships to the sea”.

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