Rui Gao East China LED special seminar was successfully held

On September 13th, Austrian lighting manufacturer Tridonic held the second LED special seminar in East China this year in Shanghai. The event was jointly organized by Shanghai Yingqun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a regional distributor of Ruigao East China. A number of lighting manufacturers and partners from Shanghai were invited to attend the event.

The first LED seminar of Ruigao East China was successfully held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in August this year. Dozens of professional lighting manufacturers in Zhejiang Province attended the event and the response was enthusiastic. In May of this year, Tridonic has held three LED theme seminars in Zhongshan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, attracting more than 300 luminaire manufacturers from South China. This year's series of LED special seminars held by Tridonic fully demonstrated the determination and motivation of Tridonic's deep penetration of the Chinese LED market.

At the seminar, Tridonic demonstrated the application of the full range of LED lighting solutions (TalexxLED series products) in the commercial lighting field, and more from the owner's point of view, in-depth understanding of the end user's demands. Participants interacted frequently on the spot and spoke in a heated discussion about technology and terminals.

Zhang Chengxian, National OEM Sales Director of Tridonic Lighting Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said: "This year's Tridonic Series LED Seminar has shown a very important point: Tridonic is based on the needs of lighting manufacturers, considering end-user demands and establishing end-user channels. Fully reflects our confidence and determination in the Chinese market. Tridonic's Talexx series of LED products provide solutions for commercial lighting applications from the perspective of end users, eliminating the worries of luminaire manufacturers. As we promise, hope for China Customers provide better quality and better service."

(This article is contributed by Rui Gao)

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