Application of Internet of Things Technology in Community Electric Vehicle Management

First, the basic concept of the Internet of Things

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Everyone has become very familiar with the development of Internet technology. It has been deeply embedded in all aspects of our life, study and work. We can learn about the news in every corner of the world through the Internet, and can download pictures and music. , software, etc., can chat, send and receive mail, in fact, today's people can not do without the computer, can not do without the Internet, without the Internet, our life will feel boring.

The Internet is to connect all the personal computers in the world together to form a network. The sharing of resources for everyone and the development of the Internet have provided us with a huge amount of data for each individual and have a tremendous impact on our lives. It can be said that without the Internet, we can't do anything well.

The Internet only links personal computers together and plays a role in communication between people. So, can we imagine that if we can change an object or object or device into a "computer" and then connect to the Internet, what will happen? Is it possible that we can communicate directly with the object? The answer is yes. This is the original idea of ​​the "Internet of Things."

With the Internet of Things, our understanding of the world will be deeper. When you drive on the highway, you can know the temperature of the ground. You can know the pressure of the tires. When you are going home, you can turn on the air conditioner in your home in advance. You can boil warm water in advance. When you are on a business trip, you can always know the situation at home.

The Internet of Things is an extension of the development of the Internet. In this network, not only people exist, but also a large number of "things" exist. You can use the network to understand things, and things can also feed back information of themselves through the network. Of course, It is also possible to communicate and communicate between things, because we have installed a microcomputer for each "work" of the network. Therefore, the development of Internet of Things technology will have an unprecedented impact on our lives and is the inevitable result of our transition from the information world to the intelligent world.

Second, the basic structure of the Internet of Things

The establishment of the Internet of Things generally has three basic elements.

First, the information-aware layer is capable of converting physical parameters of objects into electrical parameters and digital information for network transmission.

Second, at the information transmission level, there is no information transmission, and there is no communication and vitality between things and things.

Third, the information processing center, that is, the application level, the massive information and data processing is our ultimate goal. With it, we can achieve our "smart planet" purpose.


Basic architecture of the Internet of Things

Third, the application example:

The “Community Electric Vehicle Charging Station System” designed by Beijing Shanteng Instrument and Meter Co., Ltd. is a typical example of IoT application. The system consists of a smart socket, an underlying communication cable, a control host (gateway) and a management center (see the figure below).


Community electric vehicle management system architecture diagram

Smart sockets are the key nodes of this system. Each smart socket is embedded with a microcomputer chip, which can continuously transmit the information of each vehicle being charged to the host. Its main functions are as follows.

1. Automatically identify the charger to prevent other appliances from stealing electricity.

2. After the user's battery is fully charged, the power is automatically turned off to prevent long-term power supply, which causes the wires to catch fire.

3, smart socket equipped with laser anti-theft lock, instant alarm, foolproof.

4, with charging protection function, the charging pin is automatically disconnected when it is manually pulled out.

5, with overload protection function, overload self-stop, to prevent multiple people sharing a socket charging.

The charging station host is the gateway of this system, through which the information on the socket can be smoothly transmitted to the mobile telecommunication network, and then connected to the computer of the property management center through the telecommunication network. At the same time, it also has the identity recognition function for the charging user. After the user swipes the card on the host and the identity is confirmed, the smart socket can start charging the electric vehicle. The user's electricity fee is stored in the database of the management center, when a certain user starts. After charging, the computer in the management center will deduct the user's corresponding electricity fee according to the charging time.

The computer at the property management center can also be connected to the Internet, so that users can know the charging status of their vehicles at home through the network, stop charging at any time, know the balance on their account, and recharge in time, when charging socket If you are maliciously unplugged or when the battery is full, you can also notify the user immediately via your mobile phone.


Charging station host physical map right smart socket physical map

The establishment of community electric vehicle charging station has brought great convenience to users. It has made us feel the fruits of the development of “Internet of Things” technology.

The development of Internet of Things technology will surely bring us a bright future and will make our world more intelligent and attractive.

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