70% Financial Subsidy for Energy Saving Lamps

Taiyuan City institutions, resident school hospitals, the purchase of the use of national recommended and selected by tender energy-efficient lighting lamps, only to pay the product bid price of 30% of the cost, and the rest by the state and provincial financial subsidies.

The Municipal Development and Reform Commission said yesterday that in order to promote energy conservation in the social sector, the National Development and Reform Commission has issued 3 million efficient lighting tube promotion tasks in our province, and the provincial Development and Reform Commission allocated 290,000 to the city for users to purchase. This energy-saving product is a straight fluorescent lamp produced by Zhejiang Sunshine Group, which can save energy by 30%, of which 28 watts is equivalent to 40 watts of ordinary lamps, the winning bid price is 32 yuan each, a total of 250,000 sticks; 14 watts is equivalent to ordinary lamps. The tube is 20 watts and the winning bid price is 18 yuan each, with a total of 40,000 pieces. These high-efficiency lamps are brighter than ordinary lamps. To purchase its cost, the state will grant a subsidy of 30% of the bid price, the provincial subsidy of 40%, and the user only 30%, that is, purchase 28-watt, 14-watt lamps. The user pays only 9.6 yuan and 5.4 yuan each. .

With these lamps, electricity consumption can be reduced by 30% as electricity is saved. According to a rough estimate, 290,000 energy-saving lamps are used for one year. Compared with ordinary lamps, if the average annual electricity consumption is 100 degrees, a total of about 10 million yuan in electricity consumption can be saved.

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