TCL Group invested 103 million yuan in LCD and LED main business

TCL Multimedia (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a TCL Multimedia (01070, HK) subsidiary of TCL Group (000100), signed an agreement with a third party for a total consideration of RMB 103 million to transfer its equity investment. The transaction will bring nearly $36 million in revenue to the TCL Group and bring in a cash flow of 103 million. It is reported that the funds obtained from this transaction will be mainly used to invest in the development of core businesses such as LCD and LED TV sets, and to enhance differentiated advantages and international competitiveness.

TCL Group also announced that the LED backlight module project with AU Optronics has entered mass production in July, with an annual output of more than 3.6 million LED backlight modules covering 32-55-inch mainstream sizes. This means that TCL Group's LED LCD TVs will gain further competitive advantages in product, technology, cost and speed (310368, fund). Insiders pointed out that TCL Group's established next-generation tablet strategy based on LED will become clearer by speeding up LEDs.

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