Toshiba supports Louvre LED lighting renovation project to increase brand awareness

Toshiba signed a cooperation agreement with the museum on the lighting renovation project "LED lighting fixtures and support renovation projects" being carried out at the Louvre Museum in France. The aim is to expand the lighting business by expanding the brand awareness of Toshiba Lighting by providing LED lighting fixtures to the world-famous Louvre Museum.

The lighting renovation project of the Louvre Museum is one of the measures taken by the museum in terms of environmental protection activities. It will replace existing lighting products such as xenon lamps with high environmental load with energy-efficient LED lighting products to reduce environmental load. Toshiba said that the two parties were able to sign a cooperation agreement because Toshiba endorsed the environmental philosophy of the Louvre Museum, and the Louvre Museum spoke highly of Toshiba's LED lighting technology that can inherit the beautiful lighting environment of the museum and achieve significant energy savings.

The specific cooperation content is as follows. The Louvre Museum plans to replace the lighting of Napoleon Square, Pyramid, Pyramidion and Cour Carree (square atrium) with LED lighting products. The lighting renovation plan for Napoleon Square, the Pyramid and the Small Pyramid will be completed by the end of 2011, and the lighting renovation of the Cali courtyard will be completed in 2012. The total number of LED lighting fixtures that Toshiba will provide is about 4,500 units. In addition to providing lighting fixtures, Toshiba will also provide support for lighting renovation projects. In addition, the term of this agreement is from June 30, 2010 to December 31, 2023.

According to the release data, Toshiba has started the “new lighting business” worldwide since April 2009. As part of this business, Toshiba has established outlets in France, Germany and Italy in Europe. Toshiba is intensifying sales in France, for example, from January 2010 to the sale of LED bulbs to ordinary consumers. Toshiba plans to bring sales of 350 billion yen to the global new lighting business in 2015.

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