Yunnan LED lamp market potential huge application rate strives for more than 50%

“Yunnan Province plans to promote more than 8 million high-efficiency lighting products for financial subsidies this year. It is expected to open the bid in the near future.” Yesterday, Ma Liangzhu, Director of the Energy Conservation Division of the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, disclosed the above news to the media. At the same time, the author also learned that according to the target, during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the application rate of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps for urban residential buildings in Yunnan Province will strive to reach 50%. The Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission has made calculations, and the energy saving potential in the civil field in Yunnan is enormous. Last year, Yunnan Province promoted green lighting projects vigorously, and promoted more than 10 million financial subsidies for energy-saving lamps throughout the year. Combined, it can save 660 million kWh per year.

According to reports, this year, in addition to promoting efficient lighting products, Yunnan Province also plans to increase the area of ​​solar thermal utilization and building integration using 80,000 square meters. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the utilization rate of solar water heaters for urban and rural residents in the province should reach more than 30%.

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