Beautiful and boundless, the box is extraordinary - Nubian Z11

Saying that the cauldron was once again very fortunate to have a mobile phone evaluation opportunity, but the cauldron is not a fanatical hunger, mobile phones, what disassemble, a variety of limit testing, not all, cauldron is an ordinary person Therefore, the test of the mobile phone will be conducted with the identity of an ordinary user. After all, articles like academic reports are not necessarily read carefully by everyone, and too many professional tests can be conducted in depth. The understanding of the mobile phone, but for the average user, run the card is not the card, whether it will be the more critical problem. Therefore, the evaluation report of the cauldron is very simple, and it is simply divided into an out-of-box display, a system feature, a use experience, and a spit.

So, let's take a look at the open box display.

Saying that if Nubia had not seen this in Auntie, I really didn't know that there was such a brand. Although it was owned by ZTE, it was seldom seen in general stores.

First look at the box, I really see more Apple-style box, see Nubia this box feels bright, no longer is a white box of clear water, full black box, a little The feeling of acrylic material, the front and back are similar to the mirror treatment, the sides are frosted, the capital of a praise.

The front is a Nubian logo

On the back is the product label

Open the box, you can see the phone on

Remove the phone, you can see the instructions, remove the middle cover, you can see the other accessories, a micro-usb adapter, a charging cable, charging head and headphones.

Red and black color data lines, very eye-catching

Black charging head

The donated adapter can make the microusb line unwasteable and can continue to be used. No need to buy data lines anymore.

Look at the phone again.

The front is not handsome, but it can be seen that the borders on both sides are basically not visible.

Bottom speaker and Type-C interface

The top of the infrared transmitter, microphone pickup, headphone jack, which infrared transmitter and match app to manipulate TV, air conditioning, etc. can use infrared remote control equipment.

The left side is a card slot, you can insert two nano cards or a nano card, a TF card expansion storage.

The right side of the phone is the volume reduction key

The sticker on the back also shows the function of each button.

The phone comes with a variety of explanations in the film, but also with NFC access communication

The circular fingerprint identification area on the back is not only used to identify fingerprints to unlock

Behind the cell phone is Nubia's logo. It really reminds me of Dopod, that style.

This can play more clearly, no borders on both sides of the phone. After watching the phone, take a look at the included headphones.

Headphones are red and black, and this color matching cauldron is very much liked.

On the back is a Nubia logo, matte texture, feel good.

After the headset is removed, you can open the cover and see the 2 sets of earmuffs. According to the size, the bonus is the size of the trumpet and the headset itself.

Three sets of silicone earmuffs close-up

The design of noodle strings is indeed not easy to entangle

The second part, system introduction

Due to Google's open permissions, Android can freely customize many features. Now every mobile phone has to come with unique features, otherwise it really can not be called a mobile phone yet. First look, z11 configuration, as shown below, the configuration is still pretty good, the price of 2399 is also what you can accept.

Running sub-links

Let's look at the security Bunny run points, ranked tenth overall

Master Lu ran points and even ranked first, it was amazing! Run points, just look.

Here we will take a look at the features of the Nubian system. The general functions will not be shown, and the basic functions will no longer occupy your time.

The above figure is the system's own personality, the official self-explanation, so no need to go deeper, this single is very good, simple and intuitive.

Split screen

Screen split screen, as the name suggests, is to divide the screen into two, run two programs, by default is automatically open.

It's very easy to use. Just swipe the screen from the bottom up on the main screen, then click on the program you want to run. This will be blessed for friends who are watching the show while they are chatting. Watch the experience.

One-handed mode

Now that the mobile phone screen is getting bigger and bigger, but people’s hands haven’t evolved because of a big mobile phone, so when using a mobile phone with a screen size of 5 inches or more, problems occur with one-handed operation of all functions, and the thumb is not long enough. The one-handed model introduced by Zia Z11 can solve this problem very well. Before the cauldron, the iphone6 ​​was used. The male hand was almost just one hand. The range of thumb movement basically covered the entire screen, but the 5.5-inch Z11 was It's not alright, but with this one-handed function, it's easy to say.

After turning on the one-handed mode, long-pressing the two left and right touch keys will switch to the one-handed mode, and you can zoom in and out the screen size yourself. Setting it according to the size of your palm is really convenient. When you are on the subway or in one hand, you can see the benefits of this one-handed model.

The two buttons at the bottom can open the applicable mode of the left hand and right hand respectively, which is very convenient.

Smart leather case, screen customization

Although there are personality features in this feature, but the official does not have smart screen sales, so I feel that there may be a leather case can be used, but I just think so because I did not buy a leather case

This bottom button customization is not new. However, his custom is to change the order of left and right buttons.

Touch gestures

Before oppo R9 brought screen gestures, you can lock the screen by sliding the screen to perform various operations, that is, save the power button, but also can quickly start various functions, Nubian Z11 also has this function ,

Although there are only three modes, it is practical enough to put your palm in the lock screen. A few days ago, after the system was updated, there was another double-click to light up the screen. I did not take screenshots and I was tired.

Smart Sense

Smart Somatosensory This function is based on the mobile's gravity gyroscope to operate.

There is no test chart because I'm too lazy.

Application avatar

Now WeChat is a must-have chat original for people, but a mobile phone can only hold one WeChat. For separating yourself from your work, you have two micro-signals, or some other people who directly need multiple micro-signals, two WeChat. It would be very inconvenient for two mobile phones to look back and forth for mobile phones, but with this application avatar, it would be much better. The cauldron will carry a mobile phone every day. The iphone is basically limited when itouch is used. . For this function I have to switch to the Android camp. Regardless of European restrictions on support and WeChat and QQ two apps, but these two should be enough, the most commonly used are these two.

Super screenshot

Z11's screenshot feature is very powerful, and the activation method is also very much, you can press the volume down and power button, screenshot the current screen, or press and hold the volume down and power button to activate the super screenshot function, long press fingerprint recognition can also open the super screenshot It's very convenient, because you don't have to take screenshots of your hand and turn off the screen.

Although everyone did not see what the cauldron was doing, it was so sudden that the figure was cut. And there is a video recording mode, which is very suitable for teaching the party.

Edge gestures

This time, the most characteristic feature that Nubian z11 brings is edge gestures, which fully utilizes the features of no borders. For this edge gesture function, the cauldron absolutely likes it, also because the mobile phone screen is getting bigger and bigger. The absence of a large scale, the use of features without borders is also reflected in the combination of machine features.

The Z11 has five kinds of edge gestures. In practical applications, the operation is very easy to use.

Slide/slide on the edge to switch programs, reducing the time to switch, and easy to use.

Double-click the screen edge to return to the upper menu, this is practically practical in absolute terms.

Return to the main interface. In the running program, you can return to the main screen without clicking the home button.

Sliding on both sides of the screen, adjust the brightness, if you turn on the screen automatically brightness, in fact, this feature is a bit tasteless.

Easy mode

Currently, smart phones are basically available in the market. There have been few old machines, but for older people, the use of touch-screen mobile phones still poses some challenges. Although the screen is bigger and bigger, the icon text remains the same. It is small, and some functions are complicated to operate. The easy mode set for the elderly comes.

The above is the basic interface of the easy mode, simple and crude, easy to use, such a large icon, but also the text becomes larger. The elderly will definitely not be blind again.

Infrared remote control

Now more and more electronic devices, most of them are still remotely operated through infrared remote control, Nubian Z11 also integrates infrared function, which you can not have to put so many remote controllers on the table.

Go to the settings interface, first select the device you want to remote control, then select the brand, follow the screen prompts, step by step operation can be, it turns out, this feature is very easy to use, especially in the case of no remote control can be found, Pairing is successful.

If the brand of your electronic device is not on your own list, it doesn't matter. This function also has learning function. If you have a remote control, you can let the phone learn all the functions of the remote control, and quickly put away your home's remote control. .

Roaming function

There is also a magical function that is nubia roaming, you can apply for roaming services in various countries.

Most countries are included, unlimited traffic service, 300MB high-speed traffic per day, then speed limit, the price looks like a little more expensive than wifi treasure Taobao rent, but convenient, direct use of mobile Internet, I think there will be more This kind of mobile service has more conscience than the roaming service of the three major domestic operators.

Fingerprint unlock

Nothing to say. Fingerprint unlocking. Identify your fingerprints and unlock them quickly.

Let's take a look at the camera function, now the phone is not a camera to promote, really embarrassed to say that he is a mobile phone, but the convenience of mobile phone photography does make many people give up the idea to buy a camera, after all, network sharing does not High-definition big picture, can be seen clearly on the phone, here we take a look at this camera's various camera features.

The camera interface is similar to most self-contained camera systems. The default is automatic mode. The main modes are camera family, time-lapse photography, professional, photo, video, slow motion, panorama, settings above, flash, timer, switch camera

Click Settings can also have the following options, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

Swiping the phone to the left in the main interface, you can see such an interface. At the top is a view sharing function that comes with it. The icon below shows all the camera modes.

Multiple exposure

Multiple exposure function, we all know, is to make a negative, exposure twice, resulting in two shots affect the effect of overlapping together

And there are 5 multiple exposure modes that can be selected, studied well, and can come out very fun.

Simply come one, this shoot needs more brains.

Light painting

The light-painting function is very interesting. Many people have seen many works of light painting on the Internet at night. However, ordinary cell-phone shooting has some troubles. After all, there is no custom-made B, but Nubia gives you this opportunity.

Click on the light icon to directly enter the camera's light mode. The top gives you a hint. It needs a tripod to fix it. Hand-held shooting is also possible, as long as it is not shaken. You can set the background brightness yourself, which depends on the demand. Click on the capture button and the cursor will start to rotate around the shot button. Once you have taken the shot, press it again.

It is worth noting that the picture taken is reversed. It is possible to mirror it. If the cauldron is too lazy, it will not be done. However, this light-painting function is worthy of praise. It will also give you a video and record the process of your light drawing. Down, you can play a lot of gameplay, we can go to try a lot.

Electronic aperture

This mode is actually a full manual mode, and you can adjust the camera's parameters according to your own needs.

Into the electronic aperture mode, you can see the right side of the function parameter table, click, you can set the white balance, brightness, aperture, shutter, there is a hand-shaped icon at the top, that is anti-shake switch. Full manual mode for friends who play with the camera.

Short video

Short video, as the name suggests, is to take a very short video, but this short video is not a direct video, but 100 continuous shots, you can choose to play after the shooting speed, a bit like a gif, but not a gif

The full length will produce 100 photos, which can be freely deleted. Then three speeds, fast playback is 6.6 seconds, medium speed is 16.6 seconds, and slow speed is 33.3 seconds. Although gifs cannot be generated directly, we can use the software later. Switch it.

Track of motion

This trajectory is a very magical function. This model originally could record the trajectory of the object and display the image of the trajectory of the object on a photo, but I actually shot it many times without fully finding the record. Essentials, slow, no fast, the middle speed is not ideal, so I hope the official can give a speedometer, or you can adjust the shutter speed or something, easy to record or too difficult to master.

This is a better shot for me and I can see the trajectory. . .

DNG mode

DNG mode is a high-end portrait mode. It is a so-called non-destructive mode. Like the RAW format of SLR, it records a lot of data, and then it is convenient for later adjustment. However, non-photographic enthusiasts should not use much. Generate a file of about 30 more megabytes.

Direct import ps can adjust parameters directly


Clone this function is to take two different photos, and then a picture of the object you want to figure out, put in another picture, but the map is not good, the range is a bit large, not suitable for synthesis Small objects.

The red part is the map area. The effect can be in the same background. Under different backgrounds, the effect depends on your skill.

Star track, slow gate, panoramic mode I will not explain more, the star track is not used, because I do not see the stars here, want to shoot can not shoot, slow shutter speed is slow, suitable for waterfalls This kind of scene, made into the same kind of screen that you want to be like silk, you should be able to imagine.

Video features, slow motion, time-lapse photography, I do not have much to demonstrate, we all know what it means. No need to say more.

After the function is finished, let's take a look at the real shot!

The three pictures are: z11, iphone, LeTV2, photo comparison, everyone's share, and the corresponding machine.

Well, now to reveal the answer, the first row of iphone, the second row is Z11, the third row is music as 2, Z11's 1600w pixels are indeed the most clear, with 1600W pixels of music as 2, the clarity is clearly not Z11 is high. Here are some real shots.

Overall, the contrast is high, but the focusing speed is acceptable, but the image stabilization performance is not very good. The photographs taken are often easy to paste, so please take a few shots each time.

experience feelings

The basic situation of mobile phones is almost the same. Tests have come. Young people, the mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but also a game machine. Playing a game is able to reflect a game, and it is easy to test several relatively large games. After all, He is not a game player himself, and some games do not know the situation.

Game experience

Wild car 8, the picture is not stuck, the operation is not stuck, it is smooth, the crash is also very smooth

NBA2K14, when playing with Le2, the opening animation was a little bit stuck, and the Z11 didn't have any tricks.

Accumulation, high quality, smooth movements, without any stature.

Originally wanted to try modern warfare, modern advance team 3, but how can not be installed, and those games are generally network disk download information package, I have recharged Baidu members, recharge found, fucking, like To quickly download super-red members, wasted 10 dollars, simply extremely depressed.

Video decoding

Easy video decoding, direct download of two 4K resolution video to test, a 6G car wash video, a zoo video

Facts have proved that 4K decoding without pressure, smooth viewing, the effect of group, cool extremely, especially car wash video, the feeling is not the same, the vehicle's lines, reflective surface are at a glance, the details are in place. And with its own player, play some high-definition film source no sound, just need to switch to software decoding, you can

Battery life

Although it is a 3000mAh battery, if you often play, you can stick from home in the morning to get off work for dinner, which lasts longer than my iphone6.

A simple battery chart.

Charging time

Now the main fast-charging mode, there are three kinds of output power written by Nubia's charging head table, 5.0V-3A or 9.0V-2A or 12V-1.5A do not know how to switch.

Here's a trial charge.

In the evening, it was extremely difficult to consume electricity, shut down, and then plugged in the charger. When it was turned on, it was already 3%. At this time, the time was 22:44. At 22:53, the electricity was 11% and the electricity was 50%. It took nearly 50 minutes to fully charge and it took 2 hours to fully charge. Whatever is faster, LeTV 2 can charge up to 80% of the electricity in 50 minutes. The same is why 3000mAh is so big. Do not know where the problem is! I can use the original charging head ah, do not tell me, fast charge the need to buy a single ah! ! !

Music Headphones

Nubia Z11's own music app for shrimp cooperation, but can not use the account login shrimp, music can adjust the sound, but can not be closed, open the surround sound effect, the effect does have a certain degree of improvement, the effect is better with headphones , The specific sound quality, as the cauldron of the cauldron will not say more, I feel it is OK to bring their own headphones to listen to a ring.

Hey, after reading so many pictures and texts, it was really hard for everyone. Although I know that my evaluation is not professional enough, as an ordinary user, these are basically the same. Finally, a summary!

Nubian Z11 borderless mobile phones, the positive does not give the same feeling, do not look just without the border, but in many appearances and the South Korean beauty contest as in the face of the mobile phone heap, really can stand out, the same screen The size, because of the borderless design, feels a bit bigger. With the current mobile phone configuration list, some of the configurations are occasional, and some of the functions are also included. Some functions that other mobile phones have not yet joined are added at this stage, such as a variety of camera modes with their own cameras. , With the frameless design of the gesture operation, one-handed mode, etc., or more practical, and now Android phones can achieve more features installed app, but also very suitable for multi-channel users, so you do not have to bring two phones in the body, Reduce the weight, use more convenient, so that dual-card dual standby function is more practical, Xiaolong 820 processor with 4G large memory, but also to ensure the smooth flow of the phone, whether watching video, playing games, or split screen operation , Do not get stuck in the situation, so that users do not have to think about using a thought to kill the memory, how to use how to use, this is the operation of the mobile phone, but the camera has yet to be improved, especially defense Shake function, do not know the algorithm problem, or image stabilization problem, anyway, take pictures, often a slight vibration can be reflected, so that the camera increases a lot of difficulty, though Focus is accurate, the details of the photo after shooting is good, but there is a chance of paste, but does not affect the overall use, and then there is no border design, there is no real steel film can fully fit, the general tempered film around Will cover the incomplete, affect the visual experience, although there are full coverage of the tempered film, but the price is very high, basically 60 + yuan, and it is said that the left and right sides are not tempered film, similar to the thin plastic with rubber, so when buying Need to be careful.

Non-full coverage of tempered film, more or less affect the visual experience

Looking at the picture, z11's borderless visuals are better. Please ignore the film that is not fully covered. . .

You can also take some interesting photos, if my perspective is good, can it be seamless convergence, and look forward to master works.

Finally, a short review of the advantages and disadvantages!


High configuration and smooth operation

Borderless design, high value, with edge gestures, very practical

Rich camera modes for creative players

No borders, it's beautiful. It must be emphasized that it really looks good.


The anti-shake effect of the camera needs to be improved and the rate of paste is higher

Borderless design, the probability of inadvertent contact becomes higher

High screen saturation, long use time, some eyes

Long charging time

Not completely laminated tempered film