High value, feel good — Corsair Corsair Gaming K70 mechanical keyboard out of the box evaluation

I. Introduction

Friends want to buy a mechanical keyboard, budget about 1k

Requirements are high value, light, feel good, red axis

Then the first thought in my heart was the k70 of the pirate ship, then there was cherry 6.0 and Logitech's g610

Although the price gap between the three is not small, but based on the friend's aesthetic and requirements, basically these three

Finally through a variety of entanglement, and finally start the k70 red red axis, his requirements for the light is there, but whether RGB does not matter

Originally thinking of waiting for the double eleven, but Aunt Zhang said it well: Buy early and enjoy early, buy late to enjoy discount

Put the latest low-cost link, the keyboard is not here to buy

Second, out of the box

Hand is a huge cardboard box, a lot of tape stickers

It wasn't easy to open all the tapes before opening the outer carton. Inside was a large carton of k70 with a plastic bag lying on it.

Just reversed, we are coming to see

The lower right corner is the model, k70

In the upper left corner, there is an American pirate ship, and the pirate ship's sail LOGO is next to the proxy sticker.

Cherry red shaft, red backlight

Give red keycap

The back of the keyboard, a lot of keyboard features introduced

USB direct connection and bios mode + return rate selection

The keyboard left and right seals are intact, keyboard layout: China QWERTY

After opening, there is a carton

The carton is much lower, there is no outer packaging, it is not visible this is a pirate ship's k70

After opening, you can see the k70 covered with plastic film lying quietly inside, through the transparent plastic film I can feel the metal texture of the aluminum alloy cover

Take out all the items, keyboard, hand care, keycap & puller, manual, warranty card

Second, the appearance

K70 manual

A very important introduction to the complex functions of the two keyboards. One is the keyboard's rate of return and bios mode, and the other is the setting of custom lighting patterns.

The function of various keys and sockets on the keyboard

Replacement keycaps and key pullers included

It should be normal abs cap and coating it

Two USB cables, one keyboard

The other is directly connected to the USB cable. If it is a USB3.0 interface, it is enough to plug in one of the above cables. If it is a USB2.0 interface, it is recommended that the two USB cables be plugged in. The manual should not be used. Say

Look at this thick line and splitter

How thick is the line? I put a grain of rice to compare it. I can see that the line is almost as thick as the grain of the millet bracelet.

The new version of the pirate ship LOGO, look like it is to sail in the wind!

Keyboard overall picture

The three lights on the top left of the keyboard are small and bright white

K70 ergonomics is not obvious, or almost none, although the keycap is R1, R2, R3, R4 height, but the shaft is fixed on the upper cover, resulting in a higher overall height, take some time to adapt

Ab material coated keycap, light transmission effect can also be slightly slightly uneven, this coating is very delicate, has a certain resistance to oil

Then is the k70's features, brushed aluminum cover, looked very beautiful, feel cool

Cherry's original red shaft, led lamp on the top, the aluminum cover at the same time as the role of steel

Inside the keycap, four ribs, the interior is white, can make the keyboard backlight more soft and uniform, no obvious burr and injection molding mouth, good workmanship

The surface of the space has been specially treated. The surface is textured. Normal use does not have a special feeling. When you press the space bar, there is a very clear feedback. Well, this is the space bar.

Spacebar removed, the big button is the satellite axis, in order to even the light, next to the addition of two led lights, and the satellite axis feel very good, very slippery, very loose, I do not even think that this is a balance bar Big key

Looking at the details of the satellite axis, the internal pcb is actually green. I think at least it is a red color.

From left to right are the backlight program key, backlight brightness key, lock win key

Silent keys and roller-type volume adjustment keys, volume adjustment keys surface pattern is good

Above the keypad are four multimedia control keys, stop, previous song, play & pause, next song, everyday use is very convenient, before using cold sniper rifle with Fn + a key to achieve the same function

See this logo again, it's really good

Observe diagonally as a whole, the distance between the F key and the letter area is very close, and it is occasionally inadvertently touched.

Behind the line protection, there are thick braided lines

1, 2, 4 and 8ms mode selection and next to the USB direct connection socket

The overall back view, four non-slip foot pads, four footholds, you read right, four foothold......

Non-slip feet and upper feet, although the area of ​​non-slip pads is not large, but the anti-skid effect is also good, the keyboard is very stable, will not easily slide

The leg is open on one side, only one leg, and there is no anti-slip mat on the leg

Bottom non-slip mat and another foothold...

What is the effect of propped up to make the keyboard empty?

Wrist support hole

The plastic parts on the wrist rest are pushed directly into the card, which is very convenient

Installed on this effect

There are also non-slip footrests on the palmrest, with several screws

There are three non-slip pads on the palm rest

The palm rest surface feels very delicate, somewhat similar to the skin type, the surface has a full sense of non-slip design point, but how long life needs to be tested

Third, the keyboard backlight & foot support mode display

The light has two modes by default, one is full

One is the bright wsad, 123456, and arrow keys. You can also set a new light mode by using the light program keys.

Light off state

First level brightness

Secondary brightness

Three brightness

The button light transmission effect, you can see the uniformity is pretty good, clear light, but the uniformity of the above row of figures is slightly insufficient

The indicator light is white and it looks very dazzling

The mute button also has a red backlight

The red backlight of the lighting program keys and the light brightness keys is definitely not to be missed

Side, all feet flat

Hold up the rear leg

Front and rear footholds are raised at the same time

Only hold up the front feet

Fourth, summary


1. Excellent workmanship and design, multimedia keys are easy to use and convenient

2, do not need to install the driver, light mode and brightness can be adjusted on the keyboard, in addition can also adjust the keyboard rate of return

3, the key cap coating is delicate, the overall light transmission effect is uniform


1, the keyboard's overall key height is relatively average and high, long-term use will make the wrist tired, the original wrist support too short

2, although the key cap is very delicate, but the material is abs, long-term use will certainly play oil, affect the typing feel

3, the keyboard's wire is too thick and too hard

thank you all!