Foreign well-known VR developers talk about this year's VR/AR industry forecast

Foreign well-known VR developers talk about this year's VR/AR industry forecast from Baidu VR

In 2016, the biggest news in the VR industry should be Facebook, HTC, Sony, Google and other technology giants have launched their own VR devices. Looking back on 2016, although the major manufacturers have already launched their own VR devices, there is no one who can accurately predict all the innovations and changes that have taken place in the VR industry. Due to the renewal of the VR industry in 2016 and the emergence of product blowouts, everyone even has a little bit of aesthetic fatigue.

At the beginning of 2017, where should the VR industry go this year? Here, foreign media interviewed some big coffee in the VR field and asked them some predictions and opinions for the 2017 VR/AR industry.

For every big coffee in the industry, foreign media has put forward the following four questions:

Q1. What will happen to the VR/AR market in 2017?

Q2. Which aspects of the VR/AR market are most needed in 2017?

Q3. What are the biggest breakthroughs and innovations in the VR/AR market in 2017?

Q4. Will 2017 become the "year of VR"?

Colin Northway: Founder of Northway Games, who launched the game "Fantasy Devices."

Q1: "I think the PC VR market will continue to maintain a steady increase. The speed of growth depends on the frequency of people updating their computers, because if users begin to have a new generation of computers that can support VR devices on a large scale, they will naturally Go to buy VR related equipment to give the VR industry more opportunities to promote and infiltrate."

Q2: “The VR market in 2017 will require more bold experiments, and it will be the same as we did in 15 and 16 years. We still have to insist on exploring the research directions of those seemingly irrelevant, ghostly wizards. Maybe we see another new continent. The emergence of VR technology means endless possibilities. Every VR designer I know is inspired, so we need to cling to arms and continue to open up the unknown."

Q3: "If I can tell you what the biggest breakthrough is now, then it must be that I have already developed this invention, but unfortunately it is not yet. But I guess this breakthrough will definitely come from some of the current we have not paid attention to. The direction of arrival, and should be in software rather than hardware.At present we are far away from the limits of VR technology can reach, whether it is wireless VR devices, line of sight tracking or anything else can not be fundamentally changed again The current situation of VR equipment, because we already have these features, but we still do not know how to optimize these technologies. In addition, I think it would be better if there were more research reports."

Q4: "I don't think that every household can have VR devices by the end of 2017, but I believe there will be more and more people with VR devices, including of course myself."

Rand Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Cyan Worlds, has launched games "Obduction" and "Myst"

Q1: “2017 will be a very important year for the VR/AR industry. In order to adapt to the emergence of more and more innovative and more innovative games, the market should quickly complete the transition from a small minority to a mainstream platform.”

Q2: "The VR/AR market needs to be successful in the mainstream market. It also means a lower entry barrier (lower price and easier installation)."

Q3: "The breakthrough updates I can predict now include the following: higher-level system file updates, more lightweight VR devices, better hand-controlled sensing systems, and lower equipment prices. ”

Q4: “2017 will be the first exciting start to the gradual transformation of virtual reality technology, but it may take another year to become a mainstream market.”

Jon Hibbins: Founder of Psytes Games, has launched the game "Windlands", "Crystal Rift" and so on.

Q1: "I believe VR market share will continue to grow steadily, and Sony, HTC, and Oculus's VR headset sales should exceed 2 million. In addition, VR software sales will tend to stabilize, the three mainstream The company may have new products and peripheral launches."

Q2: “The price of VR products needs to be greatly reduced. The research and development of VR software and related programs needs to pay more attention to quality improvement so that we can make rapid progress.”

Q3: "I can't guess what the biggest breakthrough in 2017 will be, but there is no doubt that it must be an improvement in some aspects. Just half jokingly, I don't really want to see more repetitive VR hardware devices. Came out, but if there is a new competitor, it must also be able to promote the rhythm of the entire VR market."

Q4: “VR is here. 2016 is a year in which VR has a sense of presence. Therefore, 2016 is the year of VR, but I think every year can be a VR year.”

Kerry Ganofsky, CEO of High Voltage Software, has launched games such as Dragon Front and Damaged Core.

Q1: "With the reduction of VR hardware production costs and productivity enhancements, the VR market will also have more frequent opportunities to meet users. It is safe to say that in 2017, the VR/AR market for PCs and mobile platforms Interest will continue to improve steadily.

I think our progress in the VR field in 2016 is worthy of recognition, so we hope to see some new progress in 2017. Game developers need players to carry out some meaningful experiments and explorations of the relevant content of the work, and players also need specific game content to let them appreciate the charm of VR technology. Among them, the commitment of hardware companies such as Oculus to make research goals for VR content at the Oculus Connect 3 conference is surely to promote a significant increase in the quality of software companies like High Voltage. ”

Q2: “As with any other platform, higher-level product quality and more novel and powerful features (such as Oculus Avatars, Parties, Rooms, etc.) will surely promote VR market share in 2017 and enhance the vertical VR experience. In depth, considering that there are still many games that are not non-VR versions of the VR market, the hardware and software developers of the VR industry must maintain a more sober understanding and realize that it is more important to customers. With attractive elements.

Although the quality of console games usually increases with the development of the industry, this may not be applicable in the VR industry, because this is a completely new field and is still in the early stages of development. Only after a period of exploration, can we gradually find out the laws and developments of VR industry. This is a process of forming a framework. It is the same for both developers and game players. However, because virtual reality technology inputs and outputs sensory sensations, it has never been tried for most game players (360-degree panoramic views, tactile feedback, 3D sound effects, etc.), so it will take some time to adapt to this. New technology. ”

Q3: "We have seen the entertainment industry begin to adapt to the technical reforms before, and the VR industry will become one of the most powerful tools to expand the user's horizons and feelings, because it will not be framed like many other traditional platforms. Limited.

I think that the most needed improvement in the VR field in 2017 is that VR products need to attract the attention of ordinary users. Such users are likely to turn off VR devices because they don't know or even misunderstand their VR technologies. They may lack awareness of the needs of micro-PC systems, or feel that they need a lot of messy equipment to play VR games. However, as more and more people are able to recognize the difference between software and hardware, I believe they will soon adapt to VR devices and use more innovative VR devices. If you can see patients, students, or other people who do not have a special sense of science and technology in the future to be exposed to VR, then it is a wonderful thing because the VR system has the tactile perception and feedback capabilities that make these unfamiliar with the previous operating mode. People who experience VR will become more and more like fish, and will also reduce and eliminate more possible cognitive impairments. ”

Q4: "In 2017, we are sure to have a memorable year in the history of VR. We are very much looking forward to what will happen in this year!"

Paul Colls: Creative Director of Fierce Kaiju, who has launched "Viral"

Q1: I believe and expect that the VR market will become the mainstream market in 2017. This VR needs more advertising, such as being able to board large-scale sports events or popular TV shows.

Q2: VR can give us a big surprise at every major game event (such as E3, Gamescom, PAX, EGX, etc.), so the most important point is that the main manufacturers of these VR productions can focus more on their eyes. Above VR technology development.

At present, we have found that companies like EA, Activision, and 2K have also begun to attempt to enter the VR market, and should be more acceptable than others. Some time ago, the VR masterpiece "Flying Eagle" developed by Ubisoft has appeared on the market. This is clearly a successful exploration of VR by a traditional game company. Therefore, in 2017, we would be more than happy to see these companies in the VR field. Can invest more money.

As a game developer and also a game player, it is undoubtedly exciting that the VR market will have more budgets in the future and the value of the products will rise accordingly. I believe that the VR field will also become more and more powerful. In fact, we can only feel the financial support if we look at the excellent quality of the now-produced "The Unspoken" and "Robo Recall." After the game development team can create what a good work.

In addition, I hope that in 2017 there will be more independent studios joining the VR product R&D team. In this way, the VR market will have more experienced producers and researchers with higher levels of knowledge reserve. The work. We do expect to see several highly significant and epic VR game titles in 2017. Although there are already some outstanding products on the market, this is still far from enough. We need even more outstanding stand-alone games. VR works.

Q3: We can now see developers designing a variety of game moves, such as instant movements. Game developers or platform operators also tend to choose these more comfortable sports. At the same time, the design of the operating mode does not give the user too much sense of strangeness, which means that the current operation mode cannot be too far away from the traditional PC or game console game mode. But all in all, I hope to see more innovations and surprises in the VR game operation mode in 2017.

Q4: Although I have full confidence in the direction of VR in 2017 above, there are only two sides and there will always be some defects and deficiencies. Unfortunately, I think we will see more failures like "Vrideo" in the future, but hopefully this phenomenon will happen less frequently.

Eric Romo: CEO of Altspace VR, has launched "Altspace VR"

Q1: Although VR and AR are often confused, they are actually two very different technologies and have completely different ways of operating. Even though there are currently some programs that include applications for both VR and AR technologies, I think that these two technologies will tend to develop in the future and eventually form their own characteristics. Among them, for VR, I believe its characteristics will be to help users communicate with each other to form a whole.

Q2: I think the price of VR equipment should be more civilian and more acceptable to the general public. In this way, there will be more objective and critical evaluation of VR products, which will help improve the VR market. People need to think of VR as a whole new medium, not like today's tapes, video chat and social media.

Q3: Daydream launched by Google has achieved a huge breakthrough in the VR field by adapting traditional mobile phone devices, and it has also played an incentive role for other companies. I believe that this integrated, minimalist design will create an easy-to-operate concept that will help VR devices become part of their daily lives. At the same time, real-time tracking of human movements, such as the enhancement of detail feedback techniques such as expressions and eyes, will greatly improve the quality of VR virtual characters and enhance the interaction between users and virtual reality.

Q4: By the end of 2017, VR hardware devices will likely become easier to use and easier to obtain. The improvement of VR content quality and the application of a number of innovative approaches may mark VR will be out of its early stages of immaturity. Former VR game developers are generally just small teams with a passion for VR. When VR devices become more popular, it is believed that these teams will also gradually expand, so that more and more high-end consumers will, they will explore and experience more VR content because of interest, and drive the friends around to experience VR. Therefore, the development of VR applications has become particularly important. Next, there will be more and more kinds of VR applications in front of everyone.

Darshan Shankar, Chief Executive Officer of Bigscreen, has launched "Bigscreen"

Q1: More acceptable price of VR equipment (middle US$300, high end US$800), more VR devices matching mobile devices, presence of the first 4K resolution VR prototype, and mobile VR device location Tracking function and more.

With regard to the development of AR technology, it is still too early in 2017, but I bet Apple may launch related AR products. Microsoft will launch affordable VR devices specifically designed for PCs and Xbox One.

Q2: Both the VR and AR industries need new, cheaper products, and more non-gaming programs are needed to integrate into more mainstream markets.

Q3: I look forward to breakthrough innovations in camera-based Inside-out type of location tracking technology.

Q4: 2016 is a year for users to buy high-quality high-end VR devices. 2017 will be further expanded in this area, but will strive to reduce the price, so that these products can be used by more and more users. Accepted. However, I don't think that until 2018, VR users could reach 10 million to 20 million. Before that, VR and AR still stay in a small area and there are few monthly active users.

Bryan Chu: Market researcher at VREAL, who launched "Vreal"

Q1, Q2: Because of some key factors, I believe that VR/AR technology will continue to maintain a stable growth rate in 2017. Updates and innovations will enhance the user experience experience, such as the introduction of Oculus Touch controllers, the introduction of new Steam VR devices, and lower prices will promote more PC users to the VR market. As for the host, based on the fact that the PS4 Pro has successfully supported the tracking technology, we hope to have more PS VR-compliant products, which will increase the use of VR devices. In addition, based on the press release of MSFT last year, we expect to see more commercially available VR devices in the market in 2017.

As far as software development is concerned, since the quality of follow-up products will become better and better, the user's VR experience will become more comfortable, and thus bring more markets. At the same time, more feedback on VR products is also Will be conducive to the research and development of VR products.

Q3: For VR hardware, we should see the first truly wireless VR device in 2017. At the same time, we will also make corresponding efforts in some core aspects such as reducing the weight of equipment and wearing comfort. This will also allow users to make more meaningful VR experiences.

Q4: I think the phrase “year of VR” may underestimate the real influence of VR in 2017. These huge changes and innovations are as broad as the ocean. When the entire industry and people's way of thinking begin to change, the far-reaching impact caused is not something that a single word can describe. It should be unthinkable. And we are now in the stage where history is being rewritten.

E McNeil: Indie Game Developer, has launched the game "Darknet", "Tacktera"

Q1: I think the VR/AR industry will continue to maintain its upward momentum in 2017, but the rate of increase may be slower than what we are expecting with enthusiasm. We may even hear that the VR industry has lost or lost its vitality, but I still believe that everything will become better and better from a comprehensive perspective.

Q2: This industry still needs strong support from companies such as Oculus, Value, Sony and Google, just as they did before, but I think that to make VR more advanced, they need to invest more and more than ever before. Work hard.

Q3: If there will be a huge breakthrough in VR, then I hope it can be reflected in software development, for example, game developers need to know what can make a VR game become the most interesting, or it can be a mature VR masterpiece . For example, the much-anticipated VR interactive strategy game "Skylight" will be available on GearVR on January 12, and this is a surprise.

Q4: I don't think it will, or may happen in the years after 2017.

Kimberly Unger: Producer of Gazillion Entertainment, has launched "Marvel Heroes", "Unannounced Title" and so on.

Q1: I think that the VR industry will maintain a slow and steady growth in 2017, instead of the explosive skyrocketing as everyone thinks.

Q2: Whether it is a host, a PC or a mobile VR device, it should strengthen market penetration. However, to do this is not simply to reduce the price of equipment, but to achieve the goal of "VR life" in the market.

Q3: I think that in 2017 VR technology will make us shine in visual tracking technology. This will first be invested in Room-scale VR applications, but mobile versions may not be available for the time being. However, the mobile location tracking technology is absolutely in line with market demand. In this regard, AR technology may ultimately help.

Q4: Although that is true, I don't think that 2017 will be a year of turbulent VR technology. It takes more time for the VR market to prosper and not just a short-lived one.


In summary, the VR/AR industry will continue to grow in 2017, but the focus is mainly on high-end VR heads, but this requires sufficient VR exclusive content to ensure user satisfaction. However, in 2017, whether VR content mainly revolves around games or audio/video entertainment will inevitably lead to a fierce debate. After all, if you now ask people about VR content experience, most people may think of movies instead of games first. IMAX is about to launch their VR theaters this year, which may be an opportunity to popularize VR.

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