Charge two two things 20: Make the charging line longer - AUKEY USB2.0 MicroUSB 2 meters data line out of the box evaluation

I. Introduction

The length of the charging cable is fixed, the charging head is fixed, the built-in battery of the mobile phone is fixed, and the longer the charging line is, the larger the movable range is.

When charging in the bag, you don't need to move. Short lines are sufficient.

Daily charge, 1m or so, enough to cope with various scenes, anyway, I can not use it to know

Some heavy cell phones use patients, from full power to empty, use the plug to continue playing, and you can continue to play

This time, a long line, it is convenient for such people to pose in various positions to play mobile phones, standing, lying, sitting, nesting

Second, out of the box

â–¼ white packaging base, there is AUKEY brand LOGO in the upper left corner, the name of the line: Long Micro USB Cable, Model: CB-D9

â–¼ side marked the color of the wire

â–¼ There is another line of English name on the other side

â–¼In the back of the wire information in English, you can see the wire length 2m, the maximum transfer rate of 480Mbps, USB2.0 bandwidth

â–¼Open the package, the 2m long line is so on the paper holder

Third, the appearance

â–¼The USB plug part of the wire has the AUKEY brand gravure

â–¼ The back is the traditional USB logo

â–¼ Macro look at the contacts, very full

â–¼Micro USB plug also has the same gravure

â–¼The back is not the same, replaced by AUKEY's brand LOGO

â–¼ Micro USB plug contacts are also full

Fourth, test

â–¼ As usual, first on the test form, the actual use of the selected contrast object is 15cm of millet 10400 mobile power comes with short-term

â–¼The following is the test picture, no load 5.1754V

â–¼1A current, voltage 4.8719V

â–¼2A current, voltage 4.5772V

â–¼3A current, voltage 4.2886V, this data is normal for a 2m long wire, but absolutely not outstanding

â–¼ The following is a comparison test picture, first use AUKEY's 2m line to charge the millet 10400 mobile power, 5.1658V 0.4578A, millet mobile power more full

â–¼ Charging millet mobile power supply 2, triggering QC 9V, 9.0635V 0.3194A

â–¼ Charge one plus three, 5.1356V 1.2354A

â–¼ Charge ipad air2, 5.1544V 0.9475A

â–¼ and then replaced with the 15cm line of the millet 10400 mobile power supply, 5.1717V 0.4438A

â–¼ Charging Millet Mobile Power Supply 2, 9.0655V 0.3164A

â–¼ Charge one plus three, 5.1537V 1.2126A

â–¼ charge ipad air2, the current directly up to 2.3A, this is the most obvious difference between long lines and text messages

V. Summary

1. The length of the cable is 2m, the cable is soft, and the insertion and removal are smooth. The daily use is more convenient than the 1m line. It can meet the demand of various postures by inserting the charging and playing the mobile phone.

2. The wire resistance of the wire is not very good, but considering the line length of 2m, this data is considered normal. Do not see mx5 original line about 1m more than this line more short-term resistance

3, wire surface material feels very smooth, just do not know how the white resistance to dirt, whether it is convenient and clean, this should be used for a long time look, however, the white line is indeed better than the black line, personal aesthetic

thank you all!


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