Outdoor essential LED lights: 1 million colors can be used for ten years

LED lights have been eccentric, and there are many on the market! But think about it, most of the LED lights are limited to indoors, and it is not very convenient to use.

Ilumi BR30 smart LED light

So the LED light to be said today is quite special - it can emit millions of colors, you can install it in any outdoor area where lighting is needed.

Those who buy meat, barbecue, and spicy on the street, no longer have to pull a series of small lanterns alone, because this one bulb is fixed, what color is there.

Ilumi BR30 smart LED light

The ilumi BR30 smart LED light is IP64 rated. Although this level of waterproofing can't be directly in the water, the general rain and splashing water are no problem.

In terms of lighting, this smart LED has a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, which is equivalent to about 120 watts of incandescent lamps in your home. However, its power is only equivalent to a 15 watt bulb. So it is still very energy efficient.

The key is that the official said: Unlike other smart products, which are easy to break, this smart light is very durable and is expected to have a life span of 20 years.

In terms of intelligence, the ilumi BR30 does not require any central controller and comes directly with Bluetooth technology to connect to the phone, but only if you need to download an app. After that, it can set millions of different colors according to your mood.

In addition, through the mobile app, you can also set some scene modes, such as “holiday mode”. After turning on this mode, the smart light bulb will turn on/off the lights at a fixed time when you go out exclusive, to create a home. The illusion that someone is there.


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