Alphas supports Zuchong's algorithm verification in LTE base stations

Stevenage, United Kingdom, and Beijing, China—October 2012—Afflex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE: ARX), recently announced: Aeroflex TM500 The LTE terminal simulator supports the ZUC (Zu Chongzhi) cryptographic algorithm to protect the security of user data. In the TDD-LTE two-stage scale test ZUC cipher algorithm test of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Aeroflex TM500 LTE terminal simulator tested and verified the first Chinese manufacturer's eNodeB.

ZUC cryptographic algorithm is a new cryptographic algorithm independently developed by China, and passed the 3GPP plenary meeting in September 2011, officially becoming the third cryptographic algorithm of LTE.

"The ZUC algorithm can provide good protection for user data in LTE mobile devices," said Ngwa Shusina, Product Manager of Alphas. "By making TM500 the first terminal simulator on the market to support ZUC evaluation testing, we can enable the system Equipment manufacturers and test institutes have taken the lead in this important technology. "

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Aeroflex Incorporated is a leading global supplier of high-performance microelectronic components and test and measurement equipment for aerospace, aerospace, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.

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