Situational LED lights combined with WiFi technology are popular

LED lights made by foreign designers using Arduino combined with WiFi technology can allow iPhone or Android to control the color of the lights freely, which not only saves power but also creates a romantic atmosphere. Each one sells for only $ 60, and it sells tens of millions of dollars on foreign websites. It is said that such an idea was that the designer lamented that since the invention of the light bulb, it has only been used for "lighting", so he decided to keep up with the trend of smart phones, increase the playability of the light bulb, and even think of the Internet of Things.

The difference between LIFX and general LED energy-saving bulbs is that it has built-in WiFi connection function and can communicate with multiple bulbs. The mobile phone can control the LED bulb color of a certain block by opening a dedicated APP. Just like the light switch in the home, it is very convenient! Andy Gelme, chief engineer of LIFX, said: "We love the Internet of Things, but we also know the concept of smart home. For consumers, there is a big gap that must be bridged and re-understood. Therefore, I hope that the most basic household light bulbs Start, make it smarter and understand it for consumers. "

He said: "Perhaps, a small light bulb can also allow consumers to have a preliminary understanding of the Internet of Things." Not only that, this exclusive APP not only controls the color of the light bulb, but also adds a music situation function, through the APP After loading your favorite music, LIFX can change the color of the light with the frequency of the music, and the romantic atmosphere is readily available. This APP is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. In the future, Windows and Linux versions will also be provided.

Andy Gelme said: "Everyone needs a light bulb, and the LIFX control board is the brain of the light bulb!" At the beginning of LIFX design, I hope to replace the role of the switch in the future home. In the future home environment, there is no need to install a switch on the wall. The mobile phone can become a smart energy housekeeper. After returning home, you can turn on the APP and turn on the light source automatically to achieve energy saving. On the other hand, when leaving the house, you can confirm whether each light source has been automatically turned off, and the life span is up to 25 years, further achieving low energy consumption and environmental protection. In addition, it also has certain benefits for home security. When consumers are on vacation, they can also use their mobile phones to control the light bulbs in their homes and pretend to be someone in the house.

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