Toshiba Lighting released the latest LED bulb price cut in half

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation (TLT), a subsidiary of Toshiba, announced that its new LED Bulb E-CORE series will be available in the Japanese market on July 15th. It offers two power consumption specifications of 6.9W and 4.1W. There are two kinds of white light and warm yellow light.

TLT pointed out that the LED series bulbs sold this time have an outer diameter of 60mm and a total length of 109mm. They are the same size as the mainstream bulbs on the market and can be directly replaced with a weight of 140g; the 6.9W bulb is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb, while 4.1W The brightness of the product is also close to the brightness of a 40W general bulb. Toshiba said that the product has a life expectancy of 40 times that of a typical bulb and about 40,000 hours. As for the average color rendering index (Ra), the warm yellow bulb is CRI80 and the white bulb is CRI 70.

In terms of selling price, the price of 6.9W is 5,460 yen (about 769 yuan), and the price of 4.1W is 5,250 yen (about 739 yuan). Compared with the 4.3W LED bulb that TLT sold 15,000 yen on March 18, the price has been greatly increased. Reduced to less than half.

TLT further stated that the 2009 E-CORE series 6.9W and 4.1W total sales target of 500,000; in 2009, Q3 will also be scheduled to launch higher power (about 1.4 times existing) and dimming Features a 6.9W LED bulb to expand its product line.

E-CORE Series 6.9W LED Bulb

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