MIT develops new quantum dot LEDs that cover all visible spectra

On June 29th, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated a common structure for generating organic quantum dot light-emitting diode devices with emission spectra throughout the visible wavelength range. Such quantum dot LEDs (QD-LEDs) are expected to be used in the field of RGB flat-panel displays.

Thanks to the use of quantum dot ZnCdS and ZnCdSe materials, the team expanded the color gamut of QD-LEDs to include deep blue and deep red, while carrier-transporting materials are identical to green and orange devices. Hybrid organic QD-LEDs have the advantages of solid color, flexibility and low cost. Border=0 Left: A combined photo of a device developed by MIT, with an area of ​​0.6 x 1.9mm2, blue and cyan running at a bias voltage of 6V, green and orange at 4V, and red at 5V. Right: Electroluminescence spectrum of a quantum dot LED with a blue, green and orange voltage of 5V, a cyan color of 6V and a red color of 4V. Image source: NanoLett

Polina Anikeeva, Jonathan Halpert, and his colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used colloidal quantum dot synthesis techniques (using CdSe, ZnS, ZnSe, ZnCdS, ZnCdSe alloys) for each visible spectrum through different approaches. Researchers can use the same organic substrate to grow each quantum dot category.

"Because this method allows each quantum dot to be processed independently, the same device structure can be achieved for all quantum dot colors. In the future, this contact printing method can be used to produce RGB flat panel displays, which easily realize red, green and blue quantum dot pixel stacking. "Anikeeva said.

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