LED TV was accused of changing the soup and not changing the drug advertisement was questioned

Buy LED backlight LCD TV insurance was flickered 6000 yuan when to buy suitable for recent days, there are netizens posting their own experience in buying LED TVs during the eleventh period, according to his statement more than 6000 pieces almost hit the water! This post has aroused great concern from netizens. LED backlight LCD TVs are emerging products, and some manufacturers have been so mad that the price is very high. The average consumer has many questions. Most of them are asking for LED backlight LCD. When is the TV best to buy? As a new product, in terms of the past sales rules, the price at the beginning of the listing was high, and the price dropped as the product became popular. But with such a simple question, netizens have caused a lot of controversy:
The above-mentioned netizens respectively expressed their views on LED-backlit LCD TVs. The issues can be classified into the following categories:
Viewpoint 1: The price of the product is too high, and it has its own form. Now it is not suitable for the second view: it is a kind of concept hype, which is not much different from the traditional LCD TV. It belongs to “changing the soup without changing the medicine”, can not buy the viewpoint three: LED TV energy-saving, environmentally friendly, stylish, money to buy in the LCD TV instead of CRT TV, plasma TV has faded out of the consumer's sight, LED-backlit LCD TV has become a new hot spot for consumers. The reporter also conducted a survey on LED-backlit LCD TVs and found that such new consumers have little knowledge of them and have also had problems in advertising.
LED-backlit LCD TV has become a flagship product advertising campaign
Before the Golden Week of 2009, major manufacturers successively launched LCD TVs with LEDs as backlights, and they were rich in product functions, Internet functions and digital TV reception functions. But in principle, it should be named LED-backlit LCD TV, which is a new type of LCD TV, not in parallel with plasma TV and OLED TV.
For a new category of LCD TVs, the term “LED TV” is different from the product technology itself. In the UK, it has already stopped an international brand to use the "LED TV" advertisement, and believes that the manufacturer has violated advertising specifications and is misleading. Lawyer Qiu Baochang, a well-known domestic consumer protection expert and lawyer from Beijing Huijia Law Firm, told reporters that although China and the United Kingdom have different laws, they prohibit the advertising of false and misleading consumers. The false advertising of misunderstandings in China is also banned in China's advertising laws.
Gold Week's home appliance sales are cold and the price is high. Consumers know too little. The reporter learned at a certain brand in the Gome store that due to the product just launched during the Golden Week, the supply is insufficient and the price is high and the consumers know very little about it. Nearly ten days To sell only a few new products. According to the salesperson, due to the stylish and thin appearance of the LED-backlit LCD TV, there are more people asking, but the price is difficult to accept. In the end, the traditional LCD TV was purchased. Most salespersons did not make too many recommendations for new products.
For LED-backlit LCD TVs, the technology is divided into two major types. The products with side-entry lighting technology have an ultra-thin appearance, while the products with direct-lit lighting technology have more advantages in terms of image quality, respectively becoming two camps. Each has its own advantages.
When is the LED-backlit LCD TV suitable for purchase? Is it a change of soup? And the market status and technology of LED-backlit LCD TVs, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports of Sohu home appliances channel.

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