What should a user do if a smart TV is hacked?

With the popularity of smart TVs, the safety of smart TVs has once again attracted the attention of users. Maybe you will feel that your TV is very safe. Maybe you will feel that your TV virus is not invading. Maybe you would like Xiao Bian to feel that the TV has invaded. The big deal is that you are watching Pleasant Goat, and the picture jumps directly to Cucurbita... Maybe after you read this article you are not good at all...

·Isn't the issue of smart TV black?

The phone is hacked. May your yan movie, bank card secret, and game account all leak. Do you think the TV will not be?

Why black smart TV is not black CRT? Because you may leak information about your shopping, games, transactions, and photos. Now it seems that although TV is black, it may not be as serious as a mobile phone, but if it is really dark, it will certainly be enough for you to drink a pot.

Soon before, there was a college student security research team that demonstrated the cracking process of smart TV in public.

Experts on the scene for everyone to talk about the simple cracking principle, first download the mobile phone WIFI remote control from the Android application market, after testing found that remote wizard as a third-party application can remote control the TV through the mobile phone, thus eliminating the remote control, so the crack will be from Study how the remote wizard works.

According to reports, using Nmap to scan the TV open port will find the TV open ports: 5555 and 7777. Live demos can see that the possible services given by the two ports nmap are all incorrect. After analyzing the data, there was a loophole in port 5555. He obtained the character string used by the remote control application to send keys. It was inferred that the mobile phone remote control application connected the TV through the adb debug port, so as to achieve the effect of the remote control.

By remotely installing the application, you can use your computer to remotely install APKs on the TV during normal TV program play, and TV viewers are unaware. In other words, if hacker attacks the smart TV, the power to choose what to watch is not in the hands of TV viewers.

How to deal with ordinary users?

1. Minimize the installation of non-official authentication APK application software;

2. If the TV camera is often not used, remember to remove the plug to prevent privacy leakage;

3. Download antivirus and security software to prevent Trojans and loopholes from being blacked out;

4. If it is not, call 110.

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