TV custom added channel list [graphic tutorial]

The TV home is a very popular TV live broadcast software. It provides free live broadcast channels for users. It is not only stable, but also very high in definition. However, people’s desires are limitless. With good ones, you want better ones. The same is true of the demand for television channels. Then how do television software add custom live channels? Below we demonstrate the tutorial on how to add a program source through actual operation.

1. Search for "show source address" in Baidu box, find the favorite channel, and then download;
(usually, the downloaded channel address is stored in a txt text file)

2. Create a txt text file in the U disk named channel.txt, then paste the address of the live channel into the file (or directly modify the name of the downloaded channel file);

3. Confirm whether the format of the channel.txt channel list is "Channel name, channel URL, channel icon URL" (comma is comma in English state, one channel per line)

4. After editing, edit the Notepad file. Save as UTF-8. Otherwise, the name of the channel you see on TV will be garbled.
Save as UTF-8 format (for reference only)

5, the U disk into the TV, then turn on the TV home, the U disk can be found on the TV or on the box, show "custom channel update is successful" is added successfully;

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