The Internet of Things is in a good position, and the sensor is promising.

In recent years, under the four factors of the continuous improvement of residents' income, the rapid development of consumer information technology, the active participation of large enterprises, and the policy push, the construction of China's Internet of Things has accelerated. The essence of the Internet of Things is to connect all the items through the information sensing device and the cloud network for information exchange to realize intelligent identification and management. The sensor is the core of the Internet of Things. Under the background that the Internet of Things has become the development trend of China, sensors are welcoming the development trend.

The Internet of Things is in a good position, and the sensor is promising.

The traditional sensor is mainly used in automotive equipment, and then developed into the field of intelligent terminals. The next large application area will be the Internet of Things. In the mature Internet of Things era, there will be hundreds of millions of sensors embedded in various devices in the real world, such as mobile terminals, smart devices, factory machines, buildings, etc., ubiquitous sensors will be collected and aggregated. Data from all over the world are arranged and distributed according to the priority of the system agreement. The primary problem of the Internet of Things is to open up the barriers of information transfer between people, machines and the environment, so that machines can autonomously perceive external information. The sensor just solves the communication problem between people, machines and the environment. In the framework of the Internet of Things, the sensor is at the bottom of the entire IoT system, that is, the sensing layer, which is the core technology and foundation of the Internet of Things.

According to the "2016-2021 China MEMS sensor industry market demand and investment planning analysis report", China's sensor market output value has exceeded 120 billion yuan, with the continuous development of Internet of Things technology, the sensor output value will grow at a rate of 30% per year in the next five years. . Under the opportunity of the Internet of Things, sensors are facing great development prospects. Among them, MEMS sensors will become star-rated products due to their small size, stable performance and high sensitivity. In the future, the sensor market center will also migrate to MEMS sensors.

The consumer electronics market and the automotive electronics market are the main areas of demand for MEMS sensors. Among them, the demand scale of the consumer electronics market itself is very large, which makes the MEMS sensor has a higher proportion in consumer electronics; in automotive electronics, because at least 50 MEMS sensors are needed for each vehicle, the demand for MEMS for automotive electronics is also great.

In the future, thanks to the rapid development of wearable devices and vehicle networking technologies, the main demand for MEMS sensors is still in the two major fields of consumer electronics and automotive electronics. It is foreseeable that the development prospects of the MEMS market will usher in explosive growth in the era of the Internet of Everything. As an influential electronic industry exhibition in China's electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China responds to the trend with a keen industry vision and unique innovative ideas, and promotes the needs of the times, and strives to promote the further application of high-tech such as Internet of Things, intelligent hardware and cloud computing. And deep integration, accelerate the transformation of the entire consumer electronics industry from "Made in China" to "China's smart manufacturing" to help enterprises achieve market development and cooperation and win-win.

It is reported that on April 26-28, 2016, NEPCON China 2016 will open the 1st and 2nd pavilions of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall as the prestigious business communication authority platform for the electronics manufacturing industry in Asia. NEPCON China 2016 is ready to sail. The world is eye-catching!

At the same time, this exhibition will also cover: SMT surface mount technology, surface soldering technology, electronic measurement testing, electronic manufacturing services, system integration, integrated circuits, industrial robots, PCB, electronic manufacturing automation, anti-static and new materials. Relevant latest technology and products.

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