Teach you how to choose an air purifier based on the new national standard

For a long time, we have chosen only two core indicators for air purifiers, price and performance. There seems to be no other important reference factor. For this reason, consumers only pay attention to performance when they choose. The brand only needs to improve performance and can increase the competitiveness of the product. However, the quality of the filter, the life cycle of the filter, and whether the purifier works quietly are not The brand side is concerned that such industry status has undoubtedly contributed to the problems of uneven quality of purifiers and wide disparity in prices.

Fortunately, in the future, the most standard new national standard (GB/T 18801-2015) in the air purifier industry will be officially implemented. The air purifier certified by the new national standard will clearly identify CADR (Clean Air Output) and CCM (Accumulative). Purification amount), energy efficiency level and noise standard. If each purifier has the above four core data marked on the website or the product body, the consumer will have more data to negotiate when selecting the product, and the brand can't make bad competition by bending the door.

The new national standard has just been implemented, and it is definitely necessary to slowly recognize the process. After the 3.1th day, how to choose the air purifier that has passed the new national standard certification, this short science will answer you.


Regardless of whether the new national standard is implemented, CADR has long been the most authoritative parameter standard in the purifier industry, and it is still the performance indicator we are familiar with. The Chinese name of CADR is the clean air output. The popular point is how much clean air the purifier can produce. The data unit of CADR is m3/h, exemplified by 400m3/h, which means that it can output 400m3 of clean air per hour.

(The picture comes from the web search, the new national standard interpretation part is for reference only)

From the concept of CADR, this value is undoubtedly the bigger the better, the higher the CADR value, the more clean air is released in the room per unit time. Therefore, CADR can also be used to calculate the approximate applicable area of ​​an air purifier. Or 400m3 / h, according to the international standard for indoor ventilation 5 times per hour calculation, assuming that the floor height of your home is 2.8 meters, 400m3 / h air purifier can be applied to 28 square meters indoor environment, the calculation process is as follows.

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