Golden Port LED Large Screen Promotes Chengdu Key Enterprise Platform

In order to fully display and promote the overall brand image of Chengdu's key advantage enterprises, the LED large screen of Chengdu Golden Port will come in handy. On the 26th, the Chengdu government held a press conference. According to the three-year plan for brand development that Chengdu has established, starting this year, Chunxi Road, Yanshikou, Shuncheng Street, Airport Road, Second Ring Road Yongfeng Overpass, Kuanzhai Alley East The gold port display platform such as the square LED large screen will serve as the city's public resources to fully display and promote the overall brand image of Chengdu's key advantageous enterprises.

96 Port Fiber Optic Patch Panel is provides a centralized location to manage network connections.It is suitable for different adapter (like SC simplex, SC duplex, LC duplex, ST simplex, FC simplex etc ). Not only does it provide physical security for sensitive network connections, it also promotes better organization.96 Port Fiber Patch Panel an integrated unit for fiber management,  these equipment function is to fix and manage the fiber optic cables inside the box as well as provide protection. 96port Fiber Patch Panel application in Telecommunication,fiber optic communication system,FTTH,FTTX access network based on PON structure etc.

96 Port Fiber Patch Panel

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