Based on customer demand, Samsung Commercial TV continues to deepen the hotel industry

At the 2010 China Samsung Forum held in April, Samsung Commercial TV released its 2010 industry development goals, which will continue to consolidate and penetrate the hotel industry based on user needs. Samsung Commercial Business Director An Fengshan, Samsung Commercial Division Senior Director Hu Dongfeng, Samsung Commercial TV Product Manager Jin Qingsong gave a live introduction and conducted on-site Q&A and communication with a number of professional and industry media reporters.

Manager Jin Qingsong introduced the industry development strategy of Samsung Commercial TV in 2010: “Our performance last year was 50% from the hotel industry. Our market share in the hotel industry has also increased every year. In 2009, there was more than in 2008. The hotel industry is a key industry for Samsung's commercial TV. In the future, we will further subdivide the products and further consolidate and deepen the application in the commercial TV field of the hotel industry in a responsible manner according to the needs of different hotel customers. We plan to introduce 3D commercial TVs and commercial Sound Bars, commercial PDP TVs, etc. according to customer and market demand in 2011."

(Samsung commercial TV product manager answered the reporter)

       Winning the hotel industry - Samsung commercial TV won the trust of high-end hotel brands

       Looking back at the development of Samsung's commercial TV, the hotel industry has always been a key industry for Samsung's commercial TV. Since 2007, Samsung Commercial TV has been favored by high-end hotel markets such as five-star hotels. In this regard, Manager Jin Qingsong introduced the advantages of Samsung's commercial TV.

       “First of all, we designed and developed the hotel customer needs, launched a solution suitable for the hotel environment, and constantly improved, like cloning function, such as having a hotel with 400 rooms, we only debug a TV set, then put a TV set The setting is copied to other TV sets by cloning technology. Before 2009, we used the remote control. In 2009, after technological innovation, we started to use U disk, which is faster than the remote control and has a successful copy rate of 100%. The cloning process is convenient. At present, our main competitors are still using the remote control clone, so it takes at least 40 seconds, and it takes only two seconds to use the USB flash drive. This is our advantage. Constantly expanding, because entering the digital TV era, the more channels, the more data that needs to be cloned. On this basis, our U disk copying advantages are becoming more and more obvious." Of course, in addition, Samsung Commercial TV also has many advantages that competitors can't match in terms of brand advantages and product technology, and it is recognized by many high-end hotel brands.

       It is reported that Samsung Commercial TV has achieved great results in the hotel industry. As one of the world's most luxurious hotels, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is a global partner of Samsung. In China, 14 Shangri-La hotels use Samsung; 8 Sheraton hotels use Samsung; in addition to Hyatt Group, Kempinski Group, Peninsula Hotel Group, etc., all of the world's most famous hotel brands chose Samsung, precisely because of Samsung's superior quality, leading technology, and first-class Brand.

Based on customer needs - Samsung Commercial TV continues to deepen the hotel industry

       At the same time as the existing achievements, Samsung Commercial TV has also set its sights on the in-depth development of the hotel industry. "The hotel industry is a key industry for Samsung's commercial TV. In the future, we will mainly strengthen and deepen the application of the hotel industry through two measures." Manager Jin Qingsong introduced the development strategy of Samsung's commercial TV industry in 2010.

       The first is to further subdivide the product. Many people think of Samsung as the top brand, the product is good, and the price is expensive. Since 2007, we have focused on the development of the hotel industry. At that time, our products were basically based on retail market products. After software changes to meet the needs of hotel customers, the typical product was the R8 series (Bordeaux). In 2008, 8 professional commercial TVs were launched for the first time. In 2009, 11 professional commercial TVs were launched. In 2010, LED commercial TVs were introduced for the first time. LCD C450 series products were introduced for low-end configuration requirements, and further subdivided products to cope with more Customer needs and industry application environment.

       The second is to further consolidate and expand industry applications. In addition to consolidating the five-star, four-star and other hotel markets, the purchasing power of equipment including three-star hotels and business hotels has increased substantially, while on the contrary, through the decline of industrialized commercial TV prices, and targeted product development, our hotel industry The target market is growing in scope. In addition, the development of the industry outside the hotel industry will also be a focus of our work. For example, the medical industry that is closer to the hotel environment will also be the focus of our development. We will be negative according to the needs of different industries and different customers. The attitude of responsibility is to expand the industry of Samsung's commercial TV. ”

       According to the statistics of the Tourism Association, the Chinese government's tourism revenue last year was 42.4 billion US dollars. With the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, China's hotel industry will usher in a new development peak. Based on customer demand, Samsung Commercial TV will also usher in another round of development in the hotel industry.

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