Zhongzhao Award: Xi'an Zhenguan Cultural Square Night Lighting Project

The Xi'an Zhenguan Cultural Square Night Lighting Project won the 5th Zhongzhao Award Lighting Engineering Design Award for outstanding nominations. The reporting unit: Beijing Dadi Heavy Light Lighting Design Co., Ltd., Pineng Optoelectronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The Zhenguan Cultural Square Project is located in Datang Ever Sleeping City, Qujiang Ecological and Cultural District, Xi'an. Qujiang has the rich cultural background of the ancient capital of Xi'an 13 Dynasty. It gives the people a real resonance in the dream of “returning to the Tang Dynasty and expecting the prosperity of the world”. It has a unique historical prosperity resource marked by the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The Datang Ever Sleeping City is a world business card of modern Xi'an and a major support for the cultural industry in Qujiang New District. It integrates culture, tourism and commerce into a new urban complex and cultural and commercial landmark. It is a key construction project of the two levels of government in Shaanxi Province and Xi'an.

Zhenguan Cultural Square is the core component of the Qujiang Datang Night City Project, and it is the soul of the Qujiang Cultural Industry Brand Project. It covers an area of ​​about 96 acres and has a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. It consists of four groups of cultural and artistic buildings, including Xi'an Grand Theatre, Xi'an Concert Hall, Xi'an Art Museum and Qujiang Pacific Studios. In the overall architectural design, the Zhenguan Cultural Square abandoned the purely retro architectural model, and at the same time rejected the compromised architectural approach, and used the original Tang Feng as the information carrier of traditional culture and juxtaposed with the modern aesthetic concept. The four main buildings are spatially symmetric with respect to the north-south axis of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The cinemas and art galleries are arranged in the northern part of the site. The large roofs of both buildings are designed to rest on the mountain; the concert hall and the Grand Theatre are located in the land. In the south, the large roofs of both are designed as the main hall.

The central axis of the square is a central sculptured pedestrian street that runs through the north and south. It is distributed with the theme group sculptures such as the emperor, historical figures, hero stories, and classic works of art. The three-dimensional representation of the Tang Empire is in religion, literature, art, technology, etc. The supremacy of the field and the great weather. The Zhenguan Monument is a landmark sculpture of the city that never sleeps. It consists of Li Shimin's equestrian image and surrounding sculptures. The front of the monument is engraved with the words "The Rule of Zhenguan". The back of the monument is a hundred words of the Zhengguan dynasty, reflecting the prosperity of the Tang Empire.

In designing the project, in order to highlight its important position and overall business needs, we have added floodlighting design to its landscape and architectural parts. Through the combination of lighting and warmth, the contrast between light and dark highlights the material and unique structure of the building itself. Ancient and heavy, magnificent classical style. The design of floodlighting enhances the quality and image of the Zhenguan Cultural Square at night, and also achieves the perfect combination of modern technology and classical architecture.