Guangmao is listed on the 2010 Forbes China Potential Enterprise List

Recently, the Chinese version of Forbes released its first China's original list of China's potential enterprises in 2010 under the eyes of many people. A total of 200 fast-growing companies are on the list. In the field of Chinese art lighting landscape, Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. has become the only company in the art lighting landscape industry, with 57 huge names in its development potential. Forbes is affirmed by authoritative statistics and rankings. The struggle and success of Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd.

The 2010 Forbes-Citi China Potential Enterprise Investment and Development Forum and 2010 Forbes China Potential Enterprise and 2009 Forbes China Best Venture Investor Awards Ceremony hosted by Forbes Chinese Edition was held in Shanghai on March 19, 2010. Ms. Gao, Director of Marketing Department of Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. attended the award ceremony.

Founded in 2002, Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company in China to focus on LED landscape lighting products and control systems. It is one of the pioneers and leaders in the global LED lighting landscape.

The Guangmao team currently has six doctors with more than a dozen masters and several MBAs, and a professional R&D team of more than 100 people, which is very competitive. Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. is the leader in the field of lighting art landscape. It is the first company to combine technology, art and green in lighting landscape design. It is also the first company to obtain IALD international lighting design in lighting field. The company of the division association award is incomparable in terms of talent reserve and technical control.

Guangmao has been committed to creating a first-class art lighting landscape for China's most important construction projects, and successfully built milestones such as the Olympic Water Cube, the Olympic Bird's Nest, Shanghai South Railway Station Square, Shanghai Pudong Cadre College, and Shanghai Nanjing Road Century Plaza Art Lighting Landscape. LED art lighting landscape. The World Expo Axis Art Lighting Landscape of the Shanghai World Expo and the world's longest cross-sea bridge Hangzhou Bay art lighting landscape were also successfully completed.

Boarding the 2010 Forbes China Potential Enterprise List not only fully affirms the growth and even investment value of Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd., but also brings more powerful and better social influence.

Photo: Forbes Award (Photo courtesy of Wang Yuemin)

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