The touching story behind the Expo: Wonderful Expo people

Shanghai Lupu Bridge, which is being commissioned for lighting on March 31st

"Changsheng Temple · Small Banquet" Luo Chenxue

Perhaps, for the city of Shanghai, there are only two seasons in 2010 - one month later, let us embrace the Expo season.

This will be a sensual season. In the Internet age, it is indeed possible to "see the world with the mouse in hand". Therefore, the value of "live" seems to have fallen all the way, and many people have long lost the joy of surging in the crowd. In the Expo season, people from all directions will gather together. They don’t know each other. They smile and cheer for the same or different perceptions. They are excited to appear in this “live” in the same time and space; this will also be the season of intellectuality. The whole world is meticulously presented in front of your eyes. The essence is the essence, and the fragments are eternal. Each venue is a live version of discovery. When entering the park, it is “knowing the molecule” and wants to be an “intellectual” when leaving the park.

Today, these faces appear in this article have a common name: Expo people. Wonderful, they are written with you.

Wu Zhiqiang: The joy of non-stop

In the past 6 years, more than 2,000 days and nights, Wu Zhiqiang, the chief planner of the Shanghai World Expo Park, has been doing this almost every day. There is no rest, no holidays, and even the minimum time for eating on time is often not guaranteed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010. In the evening he has been in a meeting to study the specific arrangements for the last Expo theme forum in October this year. That was the last theme forum before the closing of the World Expo. It was especially important. In addition, Wu Zhiqiang was busy with drafting the specific content of the Shanghai Declaration in the past two days.

Wu Zhiqiang said that he felt deeply responsible and did not dare to slack off. Busy but don't complain, "In this city, some people will fall asleep at 3 in the morning and sleep for only a few hours a day. Think about the workers who sweat on the Expo site. Everyone is doing it for the Expo. Contribute, I am just one of them.” As a city planning designer and professor of the City Planning Institute, Wu Zhiqiang has long been concerned about the World Expo. Collecting a large amount of World Expo materials, reading a variety of documents, almost familiar with the history, planning and construction of the Expo.

At this Shanghai World Expo, the sharp thorns of the British Pavilion, the sexy rattan panels of the Spanish Pavilion, and the fairytale world of the Russian Pavilion are the perfect combination of imagination and architecture, but not strange. Wu Zhiqiang believes that such an experiment is by no means a castle in the air and will have a profound and positive impact on Chinese civil buildings. What makes Wu Zhiqiang more tempted is the new technology and new concept at every World Expo. At this year's Shanghai World Expo, the Expo Park has developed and utilized 10 of the latest technologies.

"In fact, in the Internet age, the Expo has been greatly challenged. We hope to provide some new elements for the Expo. I can say that the technology and international advanced level of China's eco-city are on the same starting line, and now the trend of architecture is From the development model of pursuing speed to the green demand of sustainable development, the development of low-carbon, sustainable and green buildings represents the trend of world architectural development...” Wu Zhiqiang said.

Wu Zhiqiang is full of hopes and expectations for the upcoming World Expo. He also believes that "this will be a grand event of science, art and culture." "With the theme of 'Better City, Better Life', my understanding has three points. First, it captures the pulse of the times. According to UN statistics, 50% of the world's population has entered the city, and in 2012, China will enter this stage. Second, it proposes a worldwide proposition that focuses on our lives. The improvement of quality is a problem of sustainable development for everyone in every country and even the earth. Third, when it comes back to the world, it is highly participatory. The Expo is a grand gathering of people of different ethnicities and different cultural backgrounds."

In August of this year, Mr. Wu Zhiqiang was over 50 years old. The success of the World Expo will undoubtedly be the best birthday present for him. Wu Zhiqiang believes that the World Expo will have a positive impact on China's economy and urban development, just like the Olympics.

Chen Shuo: To be zero carbon, but also fashion

For the changes after participating in the Expo, Chen Shuo said with a smile: "My carbon dioxide emissions are high because I often work overtime."

8:00, talk with the people of Zhang Youmin about cost control; 10:00, site of the Expo site, check the construction situation; 12:30, participate in the World Expo Bureau meeting, relevant media needs and restaurant operations; 14:00, to Vanke Shanghai Discuss low carbon progress; 16:00, talks with Zero Carbon Pavilion operator Telling; 17:30, negotiate with the Kite Carbon Fund to fund the music festival; 18:00, meet with British consulate representatives to promote low carbonization in the communications industry; 19:00, discuss low-carbon traffic and mobile zero-carbon hall with Beiqi Foton; 20:00, meeting with Huangming Solar (after cancellation); 20:30, discuss low-carbon credit card with Beijing Environmental Exchange; 22:30 Coordinated with China Floor Holdings to identify the carbon mark... This is the day of the Shanghai World Expo Zero Carbon Pavilion director Chen Shuo on March 18th. As the Expo approaches, his schedule for each day is full.

Chen Shuo was previously an ecological architect at the Zero Carbon Center in the UK. He graduated from South China University of Technology in his early years and later went to Cambridge University in the UK to study for a master's degree in architectural environment. After graduation, Chen Shuo worked at RMJM, the world's eighth largest architectural firm, and established a low-carbon research institute, and then entered the UK zero carbon center. The Zero Carbon Pavilion project of the Shanghai World Expo was co-operated with the UK, so Chen Shuo was sent to the Zero Carbon Pavilion project by the UK Zero Carbon Center.

In order to allow visitors to the Zero Carbon Pavilion to understand the understanding of “low carbon” and “zero carbon”, Chen Shuo spent a lot of energy on the “zero carbon” life, art and fashion, which is what he said. “Looking for a reduction in emissions”, showing low carbon through small details.

For example, the low-carbon milk that will be supplied in the Zero Carbon Pavilion will use the edible tableware in the zero-carbon restaurant, the “Zero Carbon Monopoly” game... Among them, the “Zero Carbon Monopoly” game designed by Chen Shuo’s R&D team ( The carbon book system is especially unique. By distributing 50 interactive systems in all corners of the Zero Carbon Pavilion, participating visitors can experience the details of life savings, settle out the carbon emissions of each person, and issue carbon certificates. In the future, visitors can log in to the carbon book system through their personal carbon account and calculate their own carbon emission reductions with their own life changes. These carbon emission reductions are also valuable, and can be donated to the World Expo or the corresponding carbon charity fund.

Chen Shuo’s team now has more than 40 people. He estimates that the Expo will become 100 people at the time of the World Expo and reach 120 people by the end of the Expo. And he is working with them to fight day and night with the dream of changing Chinese architecture.

After the Expo, the Zero Carbon Pavilion will not be dismantled and will be permanently retained.

Hao Chenxi: I am used to going out early and returning late.

Hao Chenxi is the deputy manager of a branch of a mechanical company in Shanghai. In August last year, his wife was pregnant and their wedding and wedding plans were put on hold indefinitely. Hao Chenxi is about to double happiness: his wife's expected date of birth is in May, and the Expo Axis Sunshine Valley cable membrane project will officially welcome the first batch of visitors on May 1.

Today, at the age of 36, he drives 9 kilometers from his home every morning to go to the office to handle daily business, sometimes 14 kilometers from the office to the site of the Pudong Expo Axis Sun Valley. “I hope to take photos with my children during the Expo.” “Quasi-Dad” Hao Chenxi proudly said, “I want my parents and loved ones to feel my work achievements during the Expo.”

Speaking of his family, Hao Chenxi’s face is apologetic. "I have been on the construction site for three consecutive Spring Festivals, and I hope that I will spend more time with my family in the future." For the construction of the Expo, he owed too much to his family, did not give his wife a wedding, and did not even have a wedding photo. The mother could not take care of her broken leg. In the months when the construction of the cable-membrane structure was most tense, I went out early every night, except that the work was to eat and sleep, and there was almost no time to communicate with my family.

During the preparation of the cable-membrane structure, Hao Chenxi and more than 20 project managers arrived at the scene every morning at 5:15. In the case of unobstructed traffic, Hao Chenxi usually drives to the Expo site in more than 20 minutes, but this means that he will go out at 4:50 in the morning.

Hao Chenyi has 10 years of relevant construction experience before he officially participated in the Expo Sunshine Valley Cable-membrane Project. After graduating from Shanghai Construction Engineering School in 1994, the Shanghai boy entered a Shanghai mechanical company, which also gave him the opportunity to come into contact with the construction of the cable membrane structure that ordinary people are not familiar with in his future career.

The cable membrane of the Sunshine Valley of the Expo Axis, the entire roof membrane is about 843 meters long and about 97 meters wide at the widest point. The 31 types of outer masts, 19 inner masts and traction masts are used as support systems to create the world. The most important structure of the cable membrane."

It is reported that the "Science and Technology Youth Commando" led by Hao Chenxi will be retained with the end of the World Expo project.

Lona: There is nothing to love to pick "stab"

He is a member of the Changning District Civilization “Tour Visiting Group” and is known as the “Wooden Woodpecker”. He usually has nothing to do and picks up some “stabs”.

Noah Luo Na, head of the Shanghai Changning District Foreigners Volunteer Group, has a standard Turkish face, deep eyes, a thin, narrow nose with an eagle hook, and his office bookcase is full of Chinese. The book asks if he has dyslexia. His face reveals a trace of "arrogance" - "I am a graduate of the Chinese University History Department. I wrote a 40,000-word essay in Chinese... I am traditional Chinese and Oracle. Learned..."

Indeed, Lona has a proud capital and confidence. Not only can he find errors in English translation on the restaurant menu, but he can even find the negligence of the Chinese logo pinyin in the mall, which makes people have to admire.

To say that Lona and the World Expo are related, it was 10 years ago. In 2000, Shanghai filmed a promo for the World Expo, where there was a lens of Lona. “Because I live in Gubei in Changning District, where Shanghai is a place where foreigners live in concentrated places, then I am more famous and often participate in various activities of the neighborhood committee street. The purpose of the propaganda film is to introduce Shanghai as an international metropolis, so Looking for a long-term foreigner who needs such a lens to show the image of the city, they found me. So, from that time on, I was concerned about the Shanghai World Expo."

Because of this special experience, Lona has a deeper feeling for the Expo than the average person. The 600-day countdown to the Shanghai World Expo, the Changning District Government, and the Shanghai CPPCC organized several symposiums to hear the opinions of foreigners, especially officials in the Shanghai Consulate. Luo Na was invited to attend the meeting and actively made suggestions. He is a member of the "touring group" of civilization. Lona combines the work of the "visiting group" with the work of the foreign volunteer group of the Expo. A group of foreign friends make clear the various aspects of Shanghai - city appearance, environmental protection, etiquette, etc. Check for unannounced visits. The public facilities in the park - the setting of garbage bins, chairs, etc., the introduction of the park entrance, etc. have also been corrected. There are also high-end office buildings in the lobby, parking lots, public toilets, and all aspects of language, environment, and layout have been visited and supervised.

Lona is very satisfied with her current identity and life. He participated in helping poor children, donating money and donations to earthquake-stricken areas such as earthquakes and snowstorms. Of course, he also participated in the “tour group” and the “volunteer group” of the Expo.

Luo Chenxue: Deducting the dream of Zhu Xi bird

Luo Chenxue will be divided into five pairs with her colleagues at the Kunming Theater in Jiangsu Province. The performance will be premiered from the opening day of May 1, 2010. Every day, she will perform more than 30 performances until the World Expo closes successfully.

Luo Chenxue, who is in his early 20s, is born to be a figure who walks down in the play. There is a pair of big eyes with shimmering water on his delicate face. When he smiles, his mouth is slightly tilted, it looks very sweet and very youthful. On the stage, she is a well-deserved protagonist. At the age of 16, she starred in the "1699·Peach Blossom Fan" of Kunming Theater in Jiangsu Province. From Tian Yixin and Rong Nian to Lin Yuhua, many first-class stage artists liked this beautiful and beautiful. Little beauty. Under the stage, she was born in Nanjing, with the gentleness of Jinling's daughter, and the quaintness of the stone city, but without losing the lively nature of the 90s.

"I never thought that I could actually participate in the performance of the World Expo." Faced with reporters, Luo Chenxue has never concealed his excitement. "I always feel that I am only a visitor to the World Expo. I did not expect to have the opportunity to become personal." Participants, I really liked it."

As a long-term performance project of the Japan Pavilion, Luo Chenxue will present a piece of Chinese and Japanese words with the Kunqu Art of the Bank. As the starring Luo Chenxue, she will play the injured Zhu Xi bird in the play. During the rehearsal process, she has no stage model for reference. She relies entirely on the performance experience of these years, combined with the program of Kunqu. , to behave.

The hard rehearsal in the past few months has made Luo Chenxue and his companions always busy between Shanghai and Nanjing. "The theater itself has performances every week, and it has to vacate time to come to Shanghai to play. The two places are busy but hard, but I Feeling very worthwhile." Luo Chenxue is a girl who is not good at rejecting. She always smiles when she is hard or relaxed. As a participant in the World Expo, she was fortunate enough to be able to visit the colorful Expo Park in the first place. She loves the simplicity and environmental protection of the Japanese pavilion. The lavender decoration based on the color of Zhu Xi's feathers makes her fascinated. The favorite is the China Pavilion. The magnificent atmosphere and the bright red color of Can Ruoxi, make her feel China. The grandeur of culture and the extraordinary style, "I really feel proud of being a Chinese!"

In Luo Chenxue's view, the most precious thing is the performance of Kunqu, which he participated in. Every day with my peers, I created a piece of art that belongs to them with enthusiasm, wisdom and emotion. The World Expo is a perfect experience that is worthy of a lifetime.

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