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[Text|High-tech LED Yue Mengdi] On the weekend, Xiaodi, who was early in the morning, ran to meet a friend from Hangzhou. My friends lamented that Shenzhen’s fines for violations were much stricter than those of Hangzhou. Xiaodi lamented that Shenzhen’s life was much harder than that of Hangzhou, especially in the LED industry.

LED has developed to the present, it is not warm, the industry reflects that the market is not very good, the market is not good, malicious competition? It seems very rare. Negative response? It doesn't seem to be. Where is the problem? Everyone said it was not good. Still look at the news, maybe it can be a little inspiration.

1. Thousands of companies are in the process of reviewing the new three boards, and 6,000 are lined up . (click to read the details)

The New Third Board has suddenly exploded since last year. I heard that a new three-board shell is worth a lot of money. In addition to the government’s rewards ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions, some companies can afford to pay for it without spending money. . However, this kind of welfare has gradually decreased with the fierceness of the New Third Board and the increase in the fees of brokerages. I am afraid that the good days will soon come to an end.

As of October 16, the total share capital of the New Third Board was 195.491 billion shares, and the tradable share capital was only 72.538 billion shares. The listing is not circulated and not traded. What do so many companies look at the New Third Board?

Not to mention the new three boards into the public view, what are the substantial benefits of financing loans, at least the company's management is standardized, finance, production, manufacturing and so on. Once regulated, it is definitely good for the long-term development of the company. Isn't China a century-old shop, and aren't everyone pursuing sustainability? It is the first step of the Long March to hurry up and regulate the company's management, strive for the last new three board, and close the relationship with the capital market.

The long side is very knowledgeable. The subsidiary Kang Mingsheng first occupied the position of a new three board, and the future development will be discussed later.

2, many companies released third quarter results notice merger is hot <br> <br> look at the third quarter notice, found the market bleak, most companies net profit doubled amplitude pretty big. Hongli increased by 75%-95%, and Liard increased by 90%-110%. Look again, most of this pre-increased is to do a lot of work on mergers and acquisitions.

The flow of capital is based on "self-interestedness". He buys you, it must be that you have value, you can sell it, and it must be your price. The cooperation in the current LED competition means more intense, and there will be no absolute tip to the awning.

Integration is the general trend. The drop is quick, the Youku potatoes are combined, and the US group public comments are also combined. After Ali won the Youku Tudou, he entered the home 58 again. I heard that Ali has successfully invested in 58 homes. Tencent’s consent is very important. Isn’t this a fusion? Ali Tencent is no longer the opposite, and the giants realize that it is the trend from competition to collaboration.

Hongli is doing car networking, Lianchuang and the Internet of Things, and big companies are starting to make platforms. Instead of relying solely on products and prices, we rely on platforms to build and seize opportunities. Big companies can fission, small companies? If you want to try fusion, integration and integration in the supply chain, making a platform, may also be a trend.

The greatness of the platform is to tell us that seeking common ground while reserving differences and complementing each other is the way to survive.

3. Does LED rely on government subsidies for heating ? (click to read the details)

Miss Dong (Dong Mingzhu) said that it is a real thing. How to say LED is also an industry. Ms. Dong also said that the real economy supported by the state finances cannot develop. A little truth. It stands to reason that LED as a real economy is contributing to the development of the country. However, the incomplete market economy has made competition less adequate and fair.

Compared with giving money directly, the government's giving a good environment may be more important for the development of the industry. Just like for companies, how to retain talent? Giving money is definitely not the only thing (but it is really important!), what is more needed is to provide a good environment and provide a group of high-quality people to work with them.

Adam Smith must have known that the father of modern economics is absolutely convinced of the free market economy. There is only an "invisible hand" in the market economy. LED has developed to the present, "invisible hand" is already playing a bigger role, and this is also an invisible hand, so that everyone is quite "invisible" to the prospects.

Xiao Di feels it, normal attitude, LED always has to return to the pattern and pattern of ordinary manufacturing, the profit will not be too high, but at least stable, but also give people a way to live.

4. How does CSP start from LM/$? (click to read the details)

The CSP thunder is so big that the rain is like a faucet that is tightly closed but a little leaky. From time to time, a drop is made, so that people who take the bucket to pick up the water are not worried.

Why is this happening? The price is not enough. The provincial support is correct, but SMD is so mature, and the price can be extremely high (especially 2835, there is still room for price reduction). Where does the competitiveness of CSP come from?

It is quite right to advocate new trends in new technologies. After all, the development of the real economy can only rely on innovation. The first thing to solve in order to develop CSP is the linkage of the industrial chain. It is impossible for the chip factory to do it, or only the packaging factory to do it. It is also supplemented by the fineness of the equipment and the updating of the materials. This is a big move. To achieve mass production, suppliers must see the market and prospects right.

Where is the market? Yes, it hasn't opened yet. To achieve the same LM, the current use of CSP may be more than the cost of using SMD, COB, etc. The wafer-level CSP of the Dehao system and the eutectic CSP of the crystal electric crystal system seem to be beautiful, but the yield is not guaranteed. The yield is not high, and the acceptance is not good.

It is said that the CSP equipment of a company in Zhongshan has been mass-produced, but Xiaodi believes that CSP still needs to be improved and ready to go, and it is estimated that there are still several years.

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