Three areas prove that Google is more innovative than Apple?

"Steve Jobs" author Walter Isaacson said in an interview with CNBC recently that Google is more innovative than Apple. This sentence is really bold from the mouth of someone who has spent hours interviewing Jobs and Apple's many employees. Some investors may disagree with this view. However, there are indeed three reasons why Sasakson’s point of view is correct: wearable smart devices, automotive projects, and the Internet of Things.

As we all know, Google has already been in these three areas, and the above three businesses may also push Google to be among the top in the industry in the near future.

Google Advantage - Promoters in the field of wearable smart devices:

With the advent of Google Glass, Google has become one of the few companies in the technology industry to enter the wearable smart device. Although Google Glass is still being tested, Google has recently issued invitations to users who have a Google Play Music All Access account to buy Google Glass.

Of course, Google Glass may not attract everyone, and this product has been criticized and criticized. However, Google Glass still pushes Google ahead of Apple and other companies that want to build a wearable smart device business. . Of course, there have been rumors in the industry that Apple is developing iWatch, and it may be launched later this year. However, all of Apple’s initiatives will not be able to catch up with Google’s leading position in the field of wearable smart devices with Google Glass.

Market research firm Juniper Research estimates that by 2018, shipments of wearable smart devices such as watches and glasses will reach 130 million units, and consumers will likely spend up to 190 on wearable smart devices. One hundred million U.S. dollars. Although it is still difficult to predict how consumers will react when iWatch or Google Glass enters the mass market, in fact, Google has already gained a strong lead in this field, and it has attracted a lot of attention from consumers and developers. participate. Therefore, if we talk about innovation from this perspective, technology companies can only gain credibility with the products they actually build, which is why Google is currently gaining an edge in the field of wearable smart devices.

Mobile industry mobile revolution:

Although wearable smart devices may eventually become a huge industry, there is already an industry that is undergoing tremendous technological changes, which is the automotive industry. Major auto companies are pursuing new technologies, new platforms and new applications, but the pace of mobile advances is much faster than the speed at which automakers launch products. In order to deal with technical issues in the car, Google has recently announced the establishment of the Open AutomoTIve Alliance to collaborate with chip maker NVIDIA and automakers Honda, Audi, GM, Hyundai, etc. In the second half of this year, the Android platform will be integrated into the car.

Integrating the latest technology into a car will take a long time and will be very expensive. Google's Open Auto Alliance may make the infotainment system more technological, while at the same time being able to pass the corresponding development responsibilities equally among the members of the alliance.

Critics may say that Apple is the first technology company to enter the automotive industry, and has already introduced in-car iOS features and Siri Eyes-Free features. Although Apple's launch of these features is indeed true, what the automotive industry really needs is a tightly integrated collaborative platform. It is doubtful that Apple's closed operating system may not meet the above requirements. Google has opened a consortium and opened the alliance to other technology companies and automakers. In essence, it is helping to push Android to become a more popular mobile platform.

As Movley Fool's technology analyst Evan Niur recently stated: "Apple's strategy is to integrate iOS into the car, and Google's strategy is to use Android to power the car itself."

The car league is enough to show that Google has made strides in the automotive field. This experience, coupled with the good relationship between Google and automakers, and other relationships that have been made in the industry, may make Android a reality for a wide range of applications.

Indeed, Apple is the first to introduce car connectivity devices, but Google is indeed innovating the way we use in-car infotainment systems.

Google and the Internet of Things:

In addition to industries such as wearable smart devices and automobiles, the Internet of Things is another big advantage for Google ahead of Apple. The Internet of Things means that those "rigid devices, such as refrigerators and containers," are eventually connected to the surrounding objects and convey relevant information to the users. Cheap sensors and universal wireless connectors will help drive the development of the Internet of Things industry, and Google has already developed in this area.

In the past week, Google announced the acquisition of Nest Labs, a home-based innovation company, for $3.2 billion. Nest's main products are intelligent thermostats and smoke alarms. Nest's smoke alarms can be connected to a wireless network to figure out where the smoke from the room comes from, and to pass on whether these alarms continue to exist, monitor battery levels, etc., and to transfer all information to the mobile device. It's not just passing traditional signals.

Nest's Smart Thermostat is also an exploratory device that tracks the user's temperature habits and ways to understand when a user leaves home, and how the user sleeps and wakes up, and forms a program based on that. This thermostat uses lights, temperature, and motion sensors to perform all tasks without requiring the user to set commands in advance. Although for some people, the Internet of Things is still a technology trend in the future, in fact, the Internet of Things has long existed.

Market research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, the installed base of the Internet of Things will reach 26 billion, which does not include PCs, smartphones or tablets. Another industry source believes that the Internet of Things "will change everything" and is expected to generate $8.9 trillion in revenue worldwide by 2020.

For Google, the acquisition of Nest will help the company to benefit from the Internet of Things and will benefit from it, and let Google lead Apple in the Internet of Things. Of course, this is not to say that Apple is not capable of creating innovative products or acquiring such companies. Rather, at present, Google has grown faster than Apple in the Internet of Things field, and it has more development directions than Apple. Perhaps, in the coming year, as Apple continues to introduce some innovative products or products with innovative potential, the gap between Apple and Google may be slightly changed, but from the current situation, in terms of innovation, the future may still Belongs to Google.

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