Multi-functional office building intelligent lighting control system proposal

First, the system overview

“Energy conservation, smart technology and aesthetics, the theme of the 21st century construction industry.”

In modern buildings, the energy consumption of lighting systems has reached 35%. The concept of “green” lighting has been introduced in the construction industry. The central idea is to use natural light sources, automatic clock control, illuminance induction and dynamic and static sensors.

At the same time, modern electronic technology has brought countless pleasures to us and our lifestyle. How to make the application of electronic technology to our lives? Make our life easier and more colorful! Let our buildings change with the heart - architecture is eternal, music is flowing, and lighting is changeable! Let the lights combine freely and make the building beautiful!

Second, system functions and advantages

The functions and advantages of intelligent lighting control systems in multi-purpose office buildings:

1, to achieve intelligent lighting control

After adopting the intelligent lighting control system, the lighting system can be operated in a fully automatic state, and the system will switch a number of basic working states according to preset settings, and automatically switch between various working states according to a preset time. For example, in the morning, the system automatically dims the lights, and the illuminance is automatically adjusted to the most comfortable level of people's vision. In the area near the window, the system intelligently uses outdoor natural light. When the weather is fine, the indoor light will be automatically dimmed; when the weather is dark, the indoor light will be automatically brightened to maintain the brightness of the indoor setting (according to the preset brightness).

When the night falls, the system will automatically enter the "evening" work state, automatically and extremely lightly brighten the lights in each area.

In addition, the manual control panel can also be used to carefully preset the scenes of the lights according to different times of the day and different uses. When using, it is only necessary to call the preset optimal lighting scenes to create a novel visual effect for the guests. Feel free to change the illuminance of each area.

2, beautify the service environment to attract guests to visit

Good lighting design creates a warm, comfortable environment that adds to the charm of its art. The first impression of the staff on the office building is the reception area of ​​the office building lobby. The elegant and chic light environment can give the staff a feeling of being at home, adding people's affection for the office building, friendly and warm.

The multi-functional office building includes restaurants, conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, etc. The color, projection and different brightness of the light can create a three-dimensional, layered and different color atmosphere, which not only makes the staff have a comfortable living. The environment, but also can produce a sense of artistic appreciation.

3, considerable energy saving effect

In addition to providing a comfortable environment for the staff, saving energy and reducing operating costs is another important concern for the owners. Since the intelligent lighting control system can perform the illuminance setting according to the operation of each functional area according to different dates and different times through reasonable management, it is guaranteed to turn off the lights when no lighting is needed; in most cases, many areas are actually No need to turn the lights on or off to the brightest, the intelligent lighting control system can provide the most comfortable lighting with the most economical energy consumption; the system can ensure that the lights are only lit when necessary, or to achieve the required brightness, Thereby greatly reducing the energy consumption of the office building.

4, extend the life of the lamp

The fatal cause of lamp damage is excessive voltage. The higher the operating voltage of the luminaire, the more its life is reduced. Conversely, when the working voltage of the luminaire is lowered, the life span is doubled. Therefore, properly reducing the working voltage of the lamp is an effective way to extend the life of the lamp. The intelligent lighting control system can successfully suppress the surge voltage and surge voltage of the power grid, so that the lamps will not be damaged prematurely for the above reasons. The voltage limit can also be artificially determined by the system to improve the life of the lamp. The intelligent lighting control system adopts soft start and soft shut-off technology to avoid the thermal shock of the filament and further extend the life of the lamp.

The intelligent lighting control system can successfully extend the life of the lamp by 2-4 times. It not only saves a lot of lamps, but also greatly reduces the workload of replacing lamps, effectively reducing the operating cost of the lighting system, and has special significance for lamps and expensive lamps in difficult-to-install areas.

5, can be linked with other systems to control

Intelligent lighting can be linked to other systems, such as BA systems, monitoring alarm systems. All loops can be forced open by the alarm system in the event of an emergency.

6, improve management level, reduce maintenance costs

The intelligent lighting control system converts the ordinary lighting artificial opening and closing into intelligent management, which not only enables the manager of the office building to apply its high-quality management consciousness to the lighting control system, but also greatly reduces the office building. The operating and maintenance costs and bring a great return on investment.

Third, the design basis

General Rules for the Design of Civil Buildings GB503522005

"Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings" JGJ/T 16-2008

"Intelligent Building Design Standards" GB/T50314-2006

"Intelligent Building Evaluation Standard" DG/T08-2001

"Intelligent Building Engineering Quality Acceptance Standard" GB50339-2003

"Code for Construction and Acceptance of Intelligent Buildings" (DG/TJ08-601-2009 J10111-2010)

National Building Standard Design Electrical Equipment Standard Atlas, Building Electrical Installation Engineering Atlas

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