Decryption dual lens driving recorder

Reversing is an inevitable part of driving, and it is also a must-have item for every driver to learn. Reversing is one of the important criteria for measuring the maturity of driver driving skills; especially for novice drivers, reversing is a problem that makes them very headaches. Because the novice driving skills are relatively unfamiliar, when reversing, it is often impossible to enter the parking space because of the estimated parking position; not to mention the newcomer is used to looking backwards or looking around when it is easy to cause a rubbing event. How to solve the troubles of the novice driver, avoid reversing and rubbing, the dual-lens rearview mirror driving recorder will definitely solve this kind of trouble for you.

The dual-lens driving recorder is a black box with two cameras that can capture the front and rear of the car. In fact, it is not correct for the driver to look back when he is reversing. Instead, he should take care of the front under the premise of confirming the safety of the car. The novice driver intentionally or unconsciously develops the habit of staring at the car, for fear of collision, but not Note that the front of the car is also very easy to touch people or things. The dual-lens rearview mirror driving recorder LR-H701 can solve this problem completely. After the newcomer has installed the driving recorder, it can be used as a rearview mirror. You can also store the rear and sides of the vehicle in your eyes without tiring our neck.


A good dual-lens rearview mirror car black box, will be equipped with two high-definition cameras, with a 6.5-meter dark line, the owner can install the rear camera anywhere in the car. The driving recorder has a reversing signal, which can automatically switch the reversing screen. When the newcomer reversing, the eyes can look straight ahead and achieve perfect reversing. A rear-end collision accident has occurred. If a two-lens car black box is used, the scene of the rear will be recorded and it will serve as a strong evidence for safeguarding legitimate rights and interests.

Car black box is gradually popularized in China. According to the different needs of the market and consumers, the driving recorder can be divided into high-definition, wide-angle, night vision, ultra-thin, rear-view mirror, etc., and the double-lens rear-view mirror car black box is undoubtedly the most popular. One, especially the best choice for novice drivers, one such driving recorder easily solves the problem of reversing.

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