Watch out for the car being stolen! Knowledge of car control network protection

For a long time, hackers have not had the opportunity to enter the control network of the car. But since Bluetooth technology and the use of wireless LAN bus system, this situation will change. The new technology called "trusted computing" will bring new security protection to the car and realize protected data communication.

Since the advent of the first electronic injection system without software control in 1967, today's engine controller has collected more than 10,000 control parameters. For example, in the high-end 7 series cars produced by BMW, there are 70 different controllers installed, as many as 10,000 car control parameters, the control software program code has reached 100MB, and there are 10 million control adjustments Program statement.

With such powerful adjustment and control capabilities, the adjustment parameters of the car while driving are obviously improved. When users buy a new car, they not only get a new car in the traditional sense, but also may be equipped with the latest software provided by the seller. This software can adjust the power performance or fuel economy of the engine according to the price of gasoline and driving status. However, when the software is upgraded, the engine may "freeze". This phenomenon may be the result of a virus called "n", which prevents the entire car from working properly. And this is indeed a problem that needs to be solved at present.

In car driving, in many cases the driver is required to control the vehicle. After adopting the electronic control system, the Golf engine power can be increased by 22kW through the car software for only 700 €.

software upgrade

Software upgrades still need to use a physical interface to connect with the controller. In the future, wireless transmission can be used to communicate with the controller, but this also opens a convenient door for hackers. Many experts believe that the possibility of car control software being controlled by hackers is greatly increased after adopting mobile communication network wireless communication technology. In the computer world, standardized vehicle networks like wireless local area networks are the targets that hackers like to attack, and it is easy to implant viruses like Wardriving.

In order to avoid such dangers, the communication network between vehicles in the future should not consider the use of wireless local area networks that log into fixed locations. In response, a dynamic Peer-to-Peer (computer-to-computer connection) structure is used to enable each user Both log in and log out explicitly. Therefore, the implementation of this program also needs to develop and formulate automotive wireless communication technology protocols.

The invention of BMW is based on the "IBMGlobalBusinessSecurityIndexReport" agreement. It is developed under the situation that computer viruses and worms are constantly flooding in mobile communication devices. It has new anti-virus capabilities.

Bluetooth technology

Audi and Samsung recently launched an interface that uses Bluetooth technology to input music. With the help of this interface, the driver can directly input his favorite music from the mobile phone to the car radio. More and more wireless transmissions provide more powerful communication capabilities for existing automotive bus systems, but they also contain greater risks, especially wireless communication based on standard Bluetooth technology with security vulnerabilities. The risk is even greater.

Each Bluetooth connection requires a communication switch stored in the terminal device, or a communication switch that is updated every time. The received PIN (personal identification number) enters this communication switch determined by the communication security standard. For most users, the comfort when using communication tools seems to be more important than the data security and operation security of communication, because most Bluetooth communication interface number PINs are relatively weak, and the number of interfaces is also very small.

PDA is also very insecure, because this small computer uses WindowsCE system, and this operating system is a paradise for hackers and viruses, they can do whatever they want. From a long-term perspective, cars need a safe and reliable control system. At present, experts have developed an automotive electronic control system with a firewall. The EMSCB (European Multinational Secure Computing Base) project, which can invest 800,000 € in the federal government over the past three years, requires extensive security protection for automotive mobile communication technologies.

"Trustworthy Computing"

A "virtual interface" generated by hardware is used to separate the traditional working system from the hardware to generate so-called "trusted computing". The protective layer of this automotive electronic communication system was successfully developed by Gelsenkirchen Technical College and Dresden Technical University, as well as Sirrix and Escrypt. The product name is "Turata".

"Trustworthy computing" requires user and computer system verification. Here, "Trust" means waiting for the instrument or software, waiting to respond to a specific purpose, in accordance with the prescribed method and method. Such a "Trusted platform" can clearly identify changes in the computer system, so that not only the entry of external software, but also problems caused by configuration, functional errors or security vulnerabilities can be identified.

Important data and switch control passwords are outside the unsafe working system and can be used when necessary.

In general, any data exchange cannot bypass the "trusted computing" system. Microsoft is also working hard on this system. Because Microsoft is busy with the development and design of the new operating system Vista, EMSCB's "trusted computing" goes further. When Microsoft's password control experts built a hard disk password and a secure boot method based on "trusted computing" in Windows Vista, EMSCB has completed hard disk password setting and network connection. According to computer experts at Escrypt, such chips can be put on the market within two years and appear in computers of various companies. At the same time as the research and development of the above projects, Escrypt also worked with DaimlerChrysler and Bosch-Sapphire to develop automotive embedded systems supported by Kryptochip.

More risk when data is unprotected

Thieves' preferences

Most stolen cars in Germany, such as the BMW X5, are stolen by high-tech means: using a laptop or a specially developed bus controller, these devices are used to open all the doors of the car. In this car theft process, the data stored on the dedicated chip of the controller is "modified" by the thief by rewriting, rewriting, or deleting. Using the vehicle password installed by the stolen original software, the thief can invalidate the car's anti-theft device, thereby stealing the car.

The spread of the virus

More than 10 years ago, a German car manufacturer copied the company ’s news report to the disk and distributed it to about 2,000 journalists. It also spread the virus. Soon after, the car manufacturer had to distribute a large number of antivirus programs to reporters who received the disk. The same situation happened in an American automobile manufacturing plant. The very dangerous "Monkey" virus is spread out, and all data on the hard drive will be erased when this virus attacks.

Universal car key

Disturbing news also came from Johns-Hopkins University in Baltimore: “Researchers” there invented the universal car key, which can unlock the electronic key code of 150 million cars worldwide, and it can read car alarms The key code in.

Professional thief arrested

Not long ago, there was a case in which a thief was sentenced for “carrying an instrument that made the anti-theft device invalid”, and Konstanz ’s court announced a 150-day detention penalty. Swiss border management authorities inspected these two Eastern Europeans and found that they carried "cable interfaces for connecting electronic components" and 5 frequency converters, as well as original software and program reading instruments used by BMW.

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