LED lighting price shrinks water manufacturers want to "price war"

An ordinary LED civilian light bulb, from last year to this year, the price has shrunk more than doubled. The reporter learned from the first marketing forum of Topstar held last Friday that the price of civilian LED lamps will plummet in the next three to four years. However, before this, many manufacturers have been unable to withstand the "price war" in advance.

● LED lamp price shrinks
Not long ago, Wu Qingbiao, chairman of Fujian Bandai Haoguang Lighting Co., Ltd. announced that its products have been reduced by more than 25%. This move instantly "exploded the pot" in the industry, and was quickly interpreted as the beginning of the "price reduction tide" in the domestic LED residential lamp market.

Wu Qingbiao once said in an interview with the media that "the purpose of price cuts is to attract large orders from international giants, achieve mass production, seek further price cuts, and quickly open up the domestic market."

After Bandai’s price cuts, the price war in the domestic LED residential lamp market has intensified. “The number of LED lights in the civilian sector on the market has rapidly increased from less than 10 years ago to more than 40, and the price has been 'shrinking'.” Mr. Liu, a well-known LED manufacturer in Xiamen, told reporters, for example, a 7W Light bulbs can be sold for 40-50 yuan last year, but this year they can only sell for 20 yuan. Some small factories' products can be sold for 12 yuan - 13 yuan.

A marketing department of Tongshida also told reporters that nowadays, many domestic manufacturers sell LED lights, which are usually lowered once a quarter, and the price adjustment is 3%-5%.

● The civilian market is being robbed
Behind the "price war", the huge market potential of LED residential lamps is being highlighted.

The reporter learned that since the beginning of this year, many local LED SMEs' export orders have shown a downward trend, and foreign customers have also deliberately lowered prices, resulting in a gradual decline in the industry's profit margin. At the same time, as the technical standards of the LED industry have increased, the price of upstream chips has continued to decline. The industry believes that with the rapid decline in the price difference between LED lights and traditional lighting, the domestic LED civilian market will become a new battleground for corporate Nuggets.

“In the past, the domestic LED civilian market share was less than 5%, but now it is increasing at a rate of 200% per year.” Topstar officials told reporters that in order to seize the market, the company has developed 40 new models. The products, all of which are civilian lamps, will be put on the market in the near future.

At the same time, the reporter visited and learned that at present, there are nearly 100 kinds of LED lamp brands that can be bought in the Xiamen market, about one-third of which are civilian products, which is nearly four times higher than two years ago. .

● The company is clamoring for the people
The reporter's investigation found that the "price war" is only superficial, and for many companies, their days are getting more and more sad. LED manufacturer Mr. Liu said, "The profit may be even lower in the future, and some companies may be eliminated."

However, the company is complaining, but the public is applauded. “Before all the LED lights were being promoted, but the price has been very high.” Mr. Li told reporters that nowadays, as the price of LED lights continues to drop, ordinary consumers can afford them, which is really a good thing.

However, the reporter visited and found that although there are many varieties of civilian LED lamps currently on the market, the prices are not uniform. "Objectively speaking, although the domestic sales price of LED lamps has been reduced to varying degrees, it has not yet reached the same low price as ordinary lighting products." A person from the Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association told reporters that, in addition, due to the current domestic LED The national standard of the product has not yet been formulated, so the brand is messy. When the public buys, they should not choose the low-quality products because they are cheap, resulting in unnecessary losses.

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