Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang: Internet companies are not wise to make mobile phones

Recently, Zhang Chaoyang, president and CEO of Sohu’s board of directors, who had not appeared before the media for a long time, attended the launching ceremony of “The Second Sohu Video TV Drama Festival” and received an interview after the meeting. Zhang Chaoyang told reporters that after a period of adjustment, he has now returned to the management of the group.

"Sohu can abandon commercial interests in the pursuit of fairness."

The second Sohu video TV drama ceremony was officially launched. The award ceremony will be held on August 15th at the Water Cube in Beijing. According to Sohu, this festival inherited the first fully transparent evaluation mechanism. The awards were voted by the judges on the spot. The number of judges increased from 51 in the first to 101, and an accountant who was responsible for the counting of votes for Oscar was invited. The firm PricewaterhouseCoopers participated throughout the process.

For the first time, expanding the range of television drama selections to all video sites in the first half of the year will be one of the highlights of this festival. It is also considered by the industry that Sohu Video is seeking to further strengthen the upstream layout of the entertainment industry chain and strengthen its influence.

When asked about the fairness of the voting for awards, Zhang Chaoyang said, "In pursuit of a fair position, Sohu can abandon its commercial interests."

“From a long-term point of view, Sohu Video is a television drama festival that is both public and private. Good TV drama works will be encouraged and Sohu's video brand will also be promoted in the long term,” said Zhang Chaoyang.

Regarding why he did not adopt the new media voting methods such as the Internet, Zhang Chaoyang explained that the results of the new media voting are difficult to operate and control. In consideration of impartiality, Sohu Video employs a professional selection team to conduct the selection.

"Sohu will not be a mobile phone"

When talking about the mobile Internet strategy, Sohu will not follow other Internet companies to make mobile phones. He also believes that it is very difficult for the Apple model to put mobile phone hardware, software and content together, and that it is difficult to find manufacturers to OEM. Ensure a perfect user experience.

"Internet companies are not a very wise choice to make mobile phones. It is not easy to imitate Apple's success in the smart phone market. To succeed, it must be a company with a combination of hardware and software in history."

At present, most Internet companies are in the mobile phone field, including Xiaomi, 360, Shanda, Baidu, Netease and other Internet companies are silently arranged. However, Zhang Chaoyang is not optimistic about this idea. “It is impossible to create a perfect user experience for only one manufacturer to OEM, so we still start from the best genes.” Zhang Chaoyang stated that Sohu’s goal is to Do a good job on the mobile phone content and related software.

Currently Sohu's layout on the mobile platform includes Sohu News client, Sohu video, Sogou input method, Sogou pass, Sogou input board and other vertical products.

In response to the development strategy of future mobile products, Zhang Chaoyang stated, “The model established by Sohu is diversification. Each area is made up of a company or a team. Our general division is that Sohu Group is mainly responsible for the contents of the news. The software on the mobile phone consists of Sogou search to do it."

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