Dongguan can cooperate to build LED industry standard

Dongguan is currently vigorously developing LED strategic emerging industries, but it is easy to overlook the “blind spots” in the competition of standardized industries. Yesterday, at the Dongguan Innovation Forum hosted by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the City Science Association, the Municipal Standardization Association and the City Science Museum, the keynote experts gave advice to enterprises on "standardizing the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements."

At the meeting, Gao Zhiqian, a researcher at the China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy, suggested that enterprises should “proactively participate in the formulation of standards and take advantage of the standards to gain a competitive edge.” Taiwan is a leader in the LED industry. The close economic and trade exchanges between Dongguan and Taiwan can give full play to the advantages of Dongguan and Taiwan and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.

Gao Zhiqian suggested that both parties should carry out research on cooperation in key technology development. Jointly developed LED standards, such as LED reliability standards, control and interface standards, LED detection standards and test methods, cross-strait LED standard mutual recognition and so on. It is also possible to establish LED patent pools between Dongguan and Taiwan to jointly respond to the US investigation.

The construction of a technical standard system is a long-term strategic task. It is necessary to provide long-term support from the perspective of national strategies and incorporate technical standards into the national innovation system. In addition, Dr. Li Han of the China National Institute of Standardization also hopes that enterprises and public institutions will increase the standardization awareness and standard conversion rate of scientific and technological innovation results, and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements.

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