Best Solar Power Bank for Mobile Phones and Digital Devices

Why you need a solar Power Bank?

Charging your phone through a solar power bank saves energy which is the resource the whole world is working hard on saving.

This will be especially helpful if you charge your phone often or have several devices to charge.

solar power bank

Great For Taveling

Charging the phone when traveling, especially for a long time, can get problematic.

A solar power bank is able to hold a high level of power and can, therefore, be used to charge your phone throughout several days.

All you have to remember is to take your power bank out in the daylight and let it regain its power.

solar charger

Warm Tips:

1. You`d better charge it fully for the first use. But if you don`t, it doesn`t matter so much.
2. The one green light means it`s receiving light and is slowly charging. If you put it in dark places, it will turn off.
3. When it`s charging, the solid lights shows the proportion charged, and the flashing lights shows the proportion to charge, with one light indicating 25%. When all lights turn to solid blue, it means it has been fully charged.
4. It will take 6-7 hours to fully charge it by mains, and about 2 hours to charge a smart phone.

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