Strictly cracking the quality of illegal and untrustworthy documents will be pushed to promote the integrity of the LED industry

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the People's Bank of China, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and other 26 departments recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Implementation of Joint Disciplinary Measures against Parties with Serious Quality and Unlawful Beliefs (hereinafter referred to as the "Memorandum"), proposing the adoption of cross-sectoral cooperation for serious quality. The parties involved in illegal and untrustworthy conduct joint punishment.

At present, the lack of quality credit is still a prominent "soft rib" in China's quality development. It is not uncommon for counterfeiting and selling, and the majority of enterprises and the public are deeply affected:

Double eleven just passed, now the busiest and hardest is probably a variety of courier brothers, busy for everyone to send courier and more busy for everyone to retreat (some netizens claim that their double eleven in a treasure online purchase Ten items, the result is that there are eight products that do not meet the product introduction and have chosen to return the goods... According to the statistics of the special inspection results of the online transaction commodity quality of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2016, the effective inspection samples are 497 batches, and the unqualified 172 batch.

Therefore, in the current situation of the LED display industry in the "internal and external troubles" environment, the competition between the screen enterprises has intensified, and the "price war" may recur at any time;

Outside: OLED, LCD and other display devices are strong enemy; in addition, the recent economic downturn, raw material price hikes stimulate the industry to stage "out of stock", so that the LED display industry has already entered the "micro-profit era", many manufacturers are Said: Now it is necessary to protect the profits of the products, it is really difficult to survive!

However, the LED display industry is always an industry that speaks on products.

No matter what the reason, the production of cut corners, shoddy products or engineering, for the screen enterprises are no different from "drug suicide"! The economic downturn is a difficult opportunity as well as an opportunity! The harder the environment is, the more it will test the development prospects of a company, and it will not break! Those enterprises that have been eliminated by “low-price” and “inferior quality” products can concentrate resources on better development conditions for enterprises that use large-scale markets with innovative technologies and high-quality products to promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

Therefore, this document covering 26 of the most authoritative official seals is of vital importance to the quality and integrity of the LED display industry. I hope that it will be implemented in the morning and not become a piece of paper!

In addition to the explicit laws and regulations, the industry screen enterprises must firmly hold their own corporate conscience, and ensure that the bottom line of product quality is not overtaken!


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