How strong is the LED area light control?

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[PConline comparative evaluation] The current LCD TV has entered a mature period, the early form of the TV is no longer strong. As a result, the rigorous pursuit of picture quality has been rare in the current TV market. Vendors choose to spend more R&D expenses in the smart, multi-screen area. However, this does not prevent us from understanding what is the outstanding picture quality. This time Xiaobian selected two Sony TVs for comparison. They are the highest-end 55-inch HX950 and mid-range HX750. Is there really a big difference in quality?

How strong is the LED area light control?

The price of the Sony 55-inch HX950 is around 19,000 yuan, while that of the HX750 is around 8,000 yuan, and the difference is over 10,000 yuan. Comparing the two, you can see that in addition to the appearance of the process of improvement, the HX950's advantage is more in the quality of processing and LCD panels, the following look at how much this million gap.

Simple comparison of models

HX950 and HX750 belong to the same high-end HX series, and there is also a HX850 model in the middle. An important difference in the parameters is that the LED backlight mode is different. The HX750 uses a side-mounted LED backlight, while the HX950 is a local-controlled direct-lit LED backlight.

What is a direct type LED backlight LCD TV?

The direct-type LED backlight technology arranges a plurality of LEDs into an array and places them behind a light guide plate and a liquid crystal panel to directly illuminate the liquid crystal panel. Therefore, some of the direct type LED backlight modules have a regional backlight control technology, which can quickly adjust the brightness of the LED lamps in each area depending on the photometric changes in different parts of the screen, thereby greatly improving the dynamic contrast of the screen. The disadvantage is that a large number of LEDs need to be used, the thickness will be slightly thicker than the side-mounted type, and the price will be higher than the side-mounted LED backlight technology.

The simple explanation of the HX950's direct-down LED zone light control is that the LED light-emitting particles are directly behind the screen, and the light-emitting particles are divided into dozens of groups. The TV can independently control the brightness and darkness of these backlight modules. In the image, the dark part of the image darkens and the brightness becomes brighter. Here I made a dynamic diagram, by moving the white cursor on the HX950 black screen, so that the backlight module will also follow the cursor to adjust the light and dark, the regional light control performance is obvious and rapid.

HX950 area control light process real shot (note the lighted area under the cursor)

In addition, the image processing engine HX950 adopts the high-end X-Reality PRO sharp image engine, and the HX750 is an ordinary X-Reality. Compared with the former, it lacks the XCA7 chip, and the resolution and other aspects should not be the same as the HX950.

In addition, because part of the Motion Flow double speed function is based on the backlight and the processing chip, the multi-zone direct type LED backlight can realize the 8X speed of the XR800, and the HX750 is the 4X speed drive of the XR400.

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Overall appearance contrast

The appearance of the two has a big difference, it is obvious that the front of the HX950 uses a one-piece design, the front is covered with a layer of gorilla glass; HX750 is the difference between the texture of ordinary plastic frame is larger.

Border HX950 is a heavy metal brushed texture border, HX750 is a polished metal material, there is reinforcement processing at the corner, the overall texture certainly not as good as the flagship model.

There is a big difference between the two on the base. The HX950 uses an arc-shaped support design with a chrome-plated imitation metal texture material. The HX750 is a fairly simple plastic material base.

Although the HX950 is a direct-lit LED backlight, the thickness is thinner than the HX750. The former is 49mm and the latter is 60mm. This is because the HX750 needs to take into account cost factors. The HX750 on the back panel is a common engineering plastic material, and the HX950 is equipped with a metal back panel, which can also be made thinner and lighter in volume.

The interfaces are almost identical, and the remote controller is also equipped with the same model RM-SD014; HX750, 850, 950 all have a consistent user interface and options, and these functions are almost the same.

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Image quality measurement data

After using a professional colorimeter to measure, we got the picture quality parameters of HX950 and HX750 in the following table. Due to the direct-type LED backlight, the HX950's maximum brightness and average brightness are much higher than the HX750, but both belong to the brighter LCD TV models.

Sony 55HX950 quality test data
Sony 55HX950
Sony 55HX750 Central brightness 473.72cd/m2 384.80cd/m2 Average brightness 469.01cd/m2 364.05cd/m2 Full black screen brightness 0.02cd/m2 0.04cd/m2
ANSI contrast
2323.83: 1 2396.32: 1 dynamic contrast 23686:1 9620:1 color saturation (equivalent to NTSC) 79.43% 79.92%

Both have a lower brightness in the full black screen, of course, because these models have dynamic backlight adjustments. ANSI contrast and color saturation, HX950's data is slightly worse than the HX750, these weak data gaps, Xiao Bian can only be said in the real shot contrast completely reversed.

On the panel material, the Sony HX750 adopts the PVA LCD panel provided by Samsung and is a better one. The HX950 is also a Samsung PVA panel, but it is more recent than the panel technology used by the HX750. The HX750 uses Samsung's high-end TV panels last year, while the HX950 uses a similar panel as Samsung’s flagship TV this year.

HX950 black screen

HX750 black screen

In the black screen, the HX950's light leakage phenomenon is significantly weaker. We often think that direct-type LED backlights that represent outstanding image quality actually mean this type of machine with localized light control, if it is only a direct type backlight. There is only a slight advantage in backlight uniformity.

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Quality comparison

Here, the two TVs are directly put together, and the Blu-ray high-definition video is directly output to the two TVs through the device. Here, professional quality test discs are selected, and the 55-inch HX950 (left) and HX750 (right) can be visually recognized. The difference in picture quality, the following picture is the same as the first model.

HX950 (left) HX750 (right)

Dark-tone picture

First of all, let's take a look at the dark color screens that the regional control light LED is best at. Here, we use the white background on the black background. We can see that the black screen of the HX950 is quite pure and there is no light leakage problem. On the contrary, the HX750 cannot partially turn off the backlight. There are some backgrounds. Gray. However, it is worth noting that the white part of the HX950 has a halo phenomenon due to the fact that the backlight area is not small enough.

Charcoal picture, HX750 still has the problem of graying, HX950 can be more black to go, the contrast of the details is also an overwhelming lead, the white rope in the upper left corner is exposed HX950 backlight partition size, the phenomenon of halo around the rope , it may be difficult to perceive these in dynamic pictures.

In the picture of the ring, pay attention to the details of the lower right and upper left, the HX950 restores the details to sharpness, and is dark enough, and the overall picture does not have the yellowishness of the HX750.

The following are more dark-tone images, of which the HX950 can better interpret the details of the shadows, and at the same time can display blacks that are similar to unlit backlights. High contrast is also a deep impression of these images by Xiao Bian.

Color picture contrast

In terms of color saturation, previous data shows that the color gamut of the HX750 is even higher. When we look at the picture of wool ball, Xiao Bian also feels that the difference in color is not as great as the contrast, but the yellow, fineness or the HX950 is displayed more accurately. The yellowness of the HX750 is somewhat green. In addition, the sharpness is a clear advantage of the HX950. Almost every line is sharper than the HX750. This should be attributed to X-reality PRO's high resolution image restoration capabilities.

On other screens, the difference between contrast and sharpness is more. On the color reproduction, the advantage of HX950 is not too high.

Comparison of other screens

In this backlit bamboo picture, the bamboo leaf detail in the upper left picture clearly shows the difference in contrast between the two. The HX950 appears darker and shows the details perfectly. The plant on the right side of the beach on the right side also has a clearer garden, which makes people feel that the HX750 is covered with fog.

The following figure pays attention to the reflection of the mirror. The objects in the reflection are sharper and clearer with the HX950. This also shows the HX950's superior image quality.

For the restoration of skin color, Xiao Bian felt that HX950 was more visually appealing and HX750 had a yellowish problem.

Price analysis

This year, Sony's pricing strategy is not the same as in previous years. The HX750 series enhances its competitiveness with high cost-effectiveness, with 55-inch 8,000 yuan and 46-inch less than 7,000 yuan. On the other hand, the price of the 55-inch HX950 is already more than 19,000 yuan, which is even more expensive than the flagship models of most brands. Obviously, this is not a machine to win by volume.

So how do you choose between these two models? In fact, in Xiao Bian's opinion, this issue is quite simple. Look at your budget to decide. If you don't have a lot of budget and you want a high-quality TV, then the HX750 is already competent enough. As for the pursuit of the ultimate quality, it doesn't care. To spend more, then you can choose HX950.

The full text concludes: Where is the difference of nearly 10,000 yuan? Where is basically spent on the picture quality. If the perfect picture quality is 100 points, the HX750 can be 75 points, and the HX950 is 95 points. It's relatively easy to pass from failing to pass, but it can be different from rising to excellent. The HX950 is a very good model in some details. The 20-point difference is mainly in the definition, contrast, and interpretation of the black screen. Although not perfect, HX950 is indeed the most outstanding TV in the domestic market. No matter how good we can go to the plasma TV.

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