Hyperbolic screen + Unicorn 965 Huawei P10 Plus render rendering

[IT168 News] Previously there was a rendering of Huawei's P10 rendering, but now it looks like Huawei has also prepared different versions. According to the Huawei P10 rendering of the hyperbolic screen version of the latest exposure on Weibo, the aircraft removed the frontal Home button, but continued the Huawei P10's post fingerprint unlock design, but the shape was changed to a round shape. And the technology on the back has also changed, which is different from the previous statement that Huawei P10 changed to pre-fingerprint unlocking.

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Reveal renderings

The rendering of Huawei's P10 dual-screen version released by users on Weibo is the legendary Huawei P10 Plus, but the details of the renderings of the past exposure have changed, such as the removal of Home from the front. The key, which is still using the back of the circular fingerprint unlock design, at the same time also changes in the processing of the fuselage edge, the metal frame is no longer so conspicuous, and looks more beautiful overall.

In addition, the model on the back of this Huawei P10 Plus has also changed from the past SEL-AL00 to MEL-AL00, which may mean that Huawei is testing different versions internally. However, regardless of whether it was a version that was exposed in the past or a rendering image that is currently being released, the common feature is that compared to the Huawei P10, which is a straight-screen version, it has added a hole in the front panel, although it is unclear at this time. The role of the front soft light or increase the iris recognition function, but at least we can confirm that the Huawei P10 Plus is more powerful than the Huawei P10.

CPU or upgrade

It is noteworthy that for the exposure of the Huawei P10 Plus renderings, friends have posted it said that the aircraft is now seen this look, and the trial version has been out for three months, but with the Kirin 960 processor power consumption is fierce, do not know whether it will be a small change. At the same time as the users in the reply netizens commented that 10nm fear is not catch up, so it should not be the legendary Kirin 970 processor.

Before this, some netizens disclosed on Weibo that the Huawei P10 will be equipped with a Kirin 960 processor, so from the perspective of the “small changes” revealed by netizens, it may be possible to use the Unicorn 965 processor. However, it is unclear where it will be upgraded, or use TSMC's new packaging process to reduce power consumption. In addition, since the Kirin 960 processor was released in October, if the Huawei P10 series is to be launched in April next year, then there is still a certain possibility that the Kirin 960 processor will be launched after a lapse of six months.

Or released on April 10

As far as Huawei's P10 series is concerned, there is not much information currently known about the other specifications. It is expected that the straight-screen version will be equipped with a 5.2-inch touch screen, while the hypervision Huawei P10 Plus will have a 5.5-inch touch screen and will The resolution is upgraded to 2K level. In addition, from the current leaked renderings, the Huawei P10 series will continue the dual camera design, but will focus the laser focus and LED flash in a circle, and increase the lens aperture to F2.0.

It should be noted that although the credibility of Huawei's P10 Plus rendering is quite high, there is no exact statement as to whether or not the final design has been finalized because there have been some sources who broke the news that the Huawei P10 not only has a double-curvature version. But also will use the glass fingerprint identification design, so the rendering of this exposure may also be another form of dual fingerprint design. As for the release time of Huawei's P10, since the renderings of the two exposures all appeared on April 10, it is speculated that the aircraft should be officially launched on April 10 next year.

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