Mass Virtual opens a new chapter in military training

The US Navy also plays VR, Mass Virtual opens a new chapter in military training. Every technological innovation will be paid attention to by the military. VR is no exception. Mass Virtual currently produces a VR simulator for the defense and security industry. Virtual reality technology has been used as a tool for military simulation exercises before the general consumer's vision and has been used for a long time. These outdated VR "confidentials" are now known to the general public and can even be played in person. However, Mass Virtual designed an air-to-air combat simulator called "Beyond Visual Range" for the US Navy. It does not appear on ordinary players' VR devices. It is only used for military purposes.


In Orlando, Fla., Mass Virtual will showcase the software for the first time at the I/ITSEC conference. The setting of this software is very attention to detail. The VR simulator simulates all the equipment inside the fighter cockpit. The pilot can be in the real fighter during the simulation training. This immersive simulation training helps the pilot to In a relatively safe environment, lay a good foundation for learning and reduce the difficulty of pilot training.

The "Beyond Visual Range" can only be run with NVIDIA's Quadro graphics processor, which is due to the stability and reliability of NVIDIA's Quadro graphics processor.

High-tech applications are not the first in the military field, but the military-specific VR simulators released by Mass Virtual may set off a new era of military training due to the application of VR technology.

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