See still pushing 55 inch flagship TV X55 CAN UI system is a highlight

Tencent Home Appliances News (Zhao Yang) September 27th, the Guangdong side's own terminal brand still held a new conference, released a new TV operating system CAN UI smart TV system and the new 55-inch flagship model X55 Internet TV.

The CAN UI smart TV system is based on the TVOS 2.0 system. It has the technical characteristics of security, reliability, anti-brushing, anti-cracking, etc., and supports China DRM, a new copyright management system with advanced intellectual property rights and advanced copyright management technology framework.

On the interface, the CAN UI smart TV system adopts an autonomous UI engine. The interface is a "Cross shuttle type" architecture layout, which enables one-click browsing and convenient operation. What's more, its desktop uses a media-based presentation format with a variety of desktop designs that are clearly categorized and incorporate media attributes and tool attributes.

In terms of human-computer interaction, as a deeply customized operating system, the CAN UI smart TV system can realize visual source switching and display of characteristic channel TV walls. At the same time, CANUI also integrates an artificial intelligence voice engine. Users can use the "CAN voice assistant" intelligent interactive mode to achieve global voice interaction at any time and anywhere. For example, when a user watches a video, they can simultaneously video chat with others.

In terms of content, the member area of ​​the CAN UI smart TV system has members exclusive movies, 4K area, DTS area, Dolby area and so on. Nominated users can watch multiple movie trailers every month for free, watch super hit dramas on a quarterly basis, watch free concerts, and enjoy advertising, value-added purchase discounts, free coupons, ultra-clear picture quality, and exclusive customer service. Channels and other membership privileges.

In addition to the launch of the new smart TV operating system CAN UI, the look is still in this conference also introduced the latest 55-inch watch yet super TV X55.

This new product has a 64-bit quad-core processor + quad-core GPU + quad-core VPU with Samsung's original RGB 3-color true 4K screen, 178-degree wide-angle, 9.5-millisecond dynamic response, 4000:1 contrast, and 7-speed Color enhancement technology and 12 image quality optimization techniques.

At present, the X55, which is equipped with a CAN UI smart TV system, has been sold on the official website for 3,799 yuan.

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Gear Motor

Dc gear motor, namely gear reduction motor, is based on ordinary Dc Motor, coupled with gear reduction gearbox.

The gear reducer is used to provide low speed and large torque.

At the same time, the gearbox with different deceleration ratio can provide different speed and torque.

Generally different industries, using different power dc motor, generally adopt custom parameter design pattern.

What are the four ratings of the Dc Gear Motor? The DC gear motor is often seen in our industrial production. Here Shunchang Motor gives you the knowledge of its four ratings. To talk about

1. Rated Current: The rated current is the maximum current allowed to flow through the armature winding of the DC deceleration motor in accordance with the specified operating mode, in A.

2. Rated Voltage: The rated voltage is the maximum additional voltage that the armature winding of the motor can work safely, unit V. It

3. Rated Speed: Rated speed refers to the rotational speed of the Gear Reducer Motor in the rated voltage, rated current and output rated power under the circumstances of operation, the unit is r/min. Such

4, rated power: rated power refers to the motor in accordance with the specified mode of operation can provide output power. For motor, rated power is the output of mechanical power on the shaft.

Gear Motor

precision instruments and meters,automobile industry, medical equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, electric glass doors and Windows,etc., wide application range

gear motor

Features: gear motor drive precision, small volume, large torque, low noise, durability, low energy consumption, customized power design,easy installation, easy maintenance;Simplify design and save space.

Method of use: the best stable in horizontal plane, installed on the dc gear motor output shaft parts, cannot use a hammer to knock,knock prone to press into the dc gear motor drive, may cause damage to internal components, and cannot be used in the case of blocked.

dc gear motor

Operating temperature range:

Geared motors should be used at a temperature of -10~60℃.

The figures stated in the catalog specifications are based on use at ordinary room temperature catalog specifications re based on use at ordinary room temperature (approximately20~25℃.

If a geared motor is used outside the prescribed temperature range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.Depending on the temperature conditions ,it may be possible to deal with them by changing the grease of the motor's parts.Please feel free to consult with us about this.

Storage temperature range:

Geared motors should be stored ta a temperature of -15~65℃.

In case of storage outside this range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.

Service life:

The longevity of geared motors is greatly affected by the load conditions , the mode of operation,the environment of use ,etc.Therefore,it is necessary to check the conditions under which the product will actually be used .The following conditions will have a negative effect on longevity.Please consult with us should any of them apply.

●Use with a load that exceeds the rated torque

●Frequent starting

●Momentary reversals of turning direction

●Impact loads

●Long-term continuous operation

●Forced turning using the output shaft

●Use in which the permitted overhang load or the permitted thrust load is exceeded

●A pulse drive ,e.g.,a short break,counter electromotive force,PWM control

●Use of a voltage that is nonstandard as regards the rated voltage

●Use outside the prescribed temperature or relative-humidity range,or in a special environment.

●Please consult with us about these or any other conditions of use that may apply,so that we can be sure that you select the most appropriate model.

dc gear motor dc gear motor

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