Medieval sandbox VR game "Retro VR" is coming soon

It is reported that "Yore VR" is a brand new open-world medieval sandbox VR game developed by cutting-edge game company TectonicVR and Montreal-based gaming service provider Ironbelly Studios Inc.

The game will open its first experience on September 31

In "Yore VR", the player's journey begins in a forest. It is necessary to discover through discovery the hidden treasures in the dungeon and discover new skills. Just like in real life, before players begin to cast something, you need to use your hands to learn what they need. Players will find mineral deposits on the ground or in caves. Players also use special methods to examine those special shapes or colored rocks to see if they can extract or extract the desired material.

With regard to how to reproduce the true experience of smelting steel in the game, the developers conducted research with many medieval experts and tested some techniques to reproduce medieval smelting techniques. There are two kinds of handicraft systems in the game: one is smelting steel; the other is forging.

In addition, medieval weapons provided by the game include bows, crossbows, swords, and whacking weapons. Developers are striving to realize the real experience of weapon loading and firing, and expect to give players the most real immersive experience. The game will open the preemptive experience on September 31.

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