Failed to achieve the imaginary quality of Hangjia smart socket depth experience

Now home, has entered the era of smart home, switches, lights, speakers, television, all take the smart design, and that the line is naturally also smart to get even more on the trend of science and technology. Bull, millet, COCO have layout smart plug, old hardware manufacturers Hangjia also launched a smart plug (in cooperation with Ali), HuntKey's power is quite good, that smart plug performance, think about it a bit Small expectations, then proceed with the experience.

HuntKey Wifi Strip (Dual USB Version)


Size: 290mm×110mm×40mm

Wire length: 1.8 meters

USB charging port: 2

USB output: 5V/2.1A (total output)

Rated current: 10A

Rated voltage: 250V

Rated power: 2500W

Price: 39.9 yuan (Free shipping) / 4 USB with independent switch 49.9 yuan

Do not know HuntKey's dual USB positioning is what, this dual USB without independent switch and 4USB with a separate switch 10 yuan, the price difference between the two is very small, dual USB looks like pathfinder products, anyway, similar internal structure , Next to a detailed experience under this Hangjia wifi plug.

Simple unpacking

Received insert packaging, kraft paper packaging, Hangjia's logo and slogan.

From the side of the package, it can be seen as the production of Hangjia's foundry. The symbol of “Ali's intelligence” on the right indicates that it can be added to Ali's smart circle and “Ali Xiaozhi” can be used to manage the row.

Open the package:

Left and right each have a manual and warranty card, the middle needle is for networking, the bottom is Hangjia plug.

Observe the details of the lower row body:

Using the right dual USB, the design of the left three GB plugs, the last blue side is the wifi lights and jacks, without physical switch.

USB maximum output current of 5V 2.1A, and support IQ smart power distribution adjustment (not labeled above).

The three national standard jacks are easier to insert and remove. Because there is no security door, the protection of children at home is slightly missing.

The blue light circle with the word “wifi”, huh, is the light circle. The whole is without any physical switch. It depends on the APP. This is not enough humanization. HuntKey should also be aware of this problem, so the upgraded 4USB plug The row has added a solid micro switch.

The sides are the joints of the upper and lower covers. The mirror design is adopted. The joints are small but acceptable.

The back design is general, there is no non-slip design, there are wall holes, the bottom design is slightly rough.

Plug adopts one-piece pressing, indicating 250V 10A, wire diameter of 0.75mm, workmanship is not bad.


The overall dismantling is relatively easy. The left and right sides are PCB boards, and the center is an integrated copper bar with a reasonable layout.

Above the gray plastic card position, the workmanship is more elaborate, but still lacks the security door design, unfortunately.


Take a closer look at the thickness of the copper row, about 0.5mm.

The copper bar is fixed in place, but the welding spot on the copper bar is really worrying. It is really worried about the welding off. Huntkey wants to strengthen the quality control in this area.

Compared with welding on copper bars, the solder joints on the PCB are relatively regular, there is no occurrence of imaginary welding, or the appearance of off-welding, the original layout printing is also relatively clear, Huntkey's design skills are still in place.

The left side is the WiFi module and the low-voltage relay power supply module. The protruding short copper bar is the WIFI antenna, which is rough enough. The right side is the USB charging output module. Although there is an original component such as a solid-state capacitor, there is no overvoltage protection module. This really should not be saved.

APP control

Ali Xiaozhi supports a large number of product types. There are three connection methods for adding products, and Huntkey is the third one.

Socket connection WIFI:

Because there is no physical key, the networking uses the card pin to poke the hole, making the WIFI light, bright 3S stop 1S, enter the networking mode, this way is a bit inhumane, but also particularly cumbersome, the measured success rate is not high.

Based on Ali's extensibility and comprehensive support, the app can add other slots at the same time.

APP can't open or close a socket individually. There is no quantile. Functions: Remote switch, time switch, relatively speaking, is the most common function, but it is also practical.

Charging measurement

Super standard 5V, with line compensation, according to the charged object, intelligently adjust the output voltage and current, which is good.

Use little trouble:

1 In the power strip, and the actual use of the process, there will be "zizizi" sound, may be the sound of the inductor, and not only my own insert this situation, although the sound is not big, but still hope Hangjia technical staff Troubleshoot to solve this problem.

2, because there is no independent physical switch, can only rely on the APP, but when the switch inserts, the WIFI light of the insert and row does not change, the user can not determine the status of the insert, the feedback feedback is poor, need to be improved in the later period.

to sum up


Cheap, remote switch

Dual USB smart charging

Wall hole


No safety door, no overload protection

No mat, individual solder joints need to be perfect

No entity independent switch, feedback mechanism to be optimized

Slight noise (perhaps inductance)

Judging from the detailed experience, this Hangjia plug-in does not meet the quality of China Huntsman’s imagination. There is no security gate and overload protection needs to be improved. There is no independent switch on the interaction, and the operation is easy. The internal components and PCB are good. The line is good and it can also be operated remotely. The key is the low price. If you can accept its shortcomings and want to buy reliable smart plugs at regular plug-in prices, this Huntkey Smart Plug Dual USB Edition is one of the few options available.

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