ITRI ​​uses LED technology to promote medical service intelligence

On the 7th, ITRI held a forum on “Towards a new era of biomedical technology: intelligent medical services”, inviting experts to analyze how Taiwan combines the two strengths of medical and financial communication, seize global business opportunities, and create for the people through medical upgrading. A better life.

The Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a large-scale interactive exhibition of annual science and technology projects, "Decryption Technology Treasures", which was held in the Kaohsiung 2nd Art Zone. The ITRI cooperated with the exhibition. Yesterday, the "New Age of Biomedical Medicine: Intelligent Medical Services" Forum was held. Gao Mingzhe, deputy director of the Institute of Electro-optical Systems, was the introductor of the topic “Smart Hospitals - Challenges and Opportunities in Taiwan”, and Chen Yanxu, medical secretary of the hospital attached to Kaohsiung Medical University, shared the “Smart Hospital Development Opportunities and Challenges”.

Wu Hanzhang, general manager of ASUS Cloud, took Asus as an example to discuss the establishment of the next generation of intelligent hospitals with ICT. Youneng Jun, the president of Youneng Clinic, explored the new trend of smart care with the experience of treating diabetes, hoping to find the direction of future smart hospitals. And strategy. Lin Zhizhi, a technology consultant at the Technology Department, said that the domestic technology industry has excellent manufacturing energy and industrial technology, while Taiwan's medical service technology and capital communication industry is world-famous. If it can integrate LED , CT and medical industries, it can enhance the additional technology. The value of value creates a new direction for the industry.

Gao Mingzhe said that Taiwan has entered an aging society. By 2045, the proportion of the elderly population will exceed 35%, and the burden of medical expenses will become increasingly heavy. The intelligentization of medical services can alleviate the shortage of medical personnel, and can also grasp the status of patients and implement them. "Prevention is better than cure" and effective use of medical resources.

ITRI ​​has extended the LED application to intelligent application and developed the “Smart Hospital Nursing Handover VLC Positioning System”. With the LED visible light communication system, under the automatic positioning of the equipment, the medical staff can reduce the manpower and expenditure when handing over the shift. cost.

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