Analysis of the principle and application effect of smart home lighting system

How smart home lighting systems work

With the rapid development of technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for intelligent home life has gradually increased; many manufacturers have launched a variety of smart home products. The intelligent lighting system is one of them.

How smart home lighting systems work

The lighting control system of smart homes is actually the basic part of the whole smart home according to the function of a certain area, different time of day, outdoor brightness or the use of the area.

The most well-known thing about intelligent lighting systems is that they can be preset, with the ability to turn the brightness of the light into a series of settings. These settings, also known as scenes, can be called automatically by the dimmer system or the central building control system. When used in the home, it can be in the form of an integrated central controller and may have a touch screen interface.

In general, the intelligent lighting system as the core part of the entire smart home, especially suitable for large-scale housing, it will make life convenient and comfortable. The lighting control system is divided into a stand-alone, room-specific or large-scale networking system. In a networked system, the dimming device is installed in an electrical cabinet and operated by a network of external devices such as sensors and control panels. The advantage of a networked system is that it can control different areas of the room from many points. In the home, a control panel can be installed on the wall near the main entrance as the main control point for multiple exterior rooms.

Intelligent lighting system equipment requirements

Aiming at the decoration style and intelligent control requirements of large-sized units, combined with the convenience, flexibility, easy modification, easy operation and easy maintenance of the control method of the IoT smart home control system, the system solution for intelligent lighting control is realized;

1. The system adopts digital bus design and adopts 2-core twisted pair cable. All equipments are connected by star or string structure through 2-core twisted pair cable. The connection is independent of polarity. The wiring is simple and convenient, which greatly saves installation time. , reducing installation errors, reducing construction costs and post-maintenance costs; using 27VDC low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable, no electromagnetic radiation;

2. High signal transmission rate, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, distance up to 5 kilometers, extended transmission distance, 2-core twisted pair cable can transmit power signal, control signal, audio signal and video simultaneously Signal, and can realize multi-channel transmission without mutual interference;

3. All controllers can change positions at any time, change functions, change control load objects without changing cables, and automatically correct settings, run to the best state, save energy and improve efficiency;

4. All actuators adopt modular design and adopt standard 35mm rail mounting method. The installation volume is small and can be installed in the lighting box. It is not necessary to customize special box, especially suitable for the environment where the villa installation space is small;

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