Taiwan's colleges and universities develop leading LED packaging technology to improve color cast

LED lamps have high efficiency and long life, but they are easy to affect vision due to color shift and are not suitable for indoor lighting. Recently, the Photonics team of the Central University of Taiwan used packaging technology to improve the color cast of LED lights.

The director of the school's Department of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering said that indoor lighting should have appropriate brightness, comfortable light field, and space and time color uniformity, but now LED lights have more than one space color deviation problem. The spatial color shift means that the LED light will produce a "yellow halo" with a blue in the middle and a yellowish surrounding. In severe cases, a beam with a very high color temperature will be formed at certain angles, which will adversely affect the human body.

The research team adjusted the position of LED chips and phosphor structure, developed the world's leading LED color packaging technology, reduced the spatial color shift of LEDs, broke the current world record of the literature, and made the light of LED lights uniform. Baiguang believes that it can accelerate the time course of LEDs used in indoor lighting. It has applied for patents in the US, China and Taiwan.

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