LG denies that it will cooperate with Apple to push OLED TV

[High-tech LED News] Foreign media reported in July that Apple will cooperate with LG to launch a 55-inch Apple TV. LG CEO Kwon Young-Soo denied the news and said that Apple has not yet planned to develop OLEDs. The device of the display, so the cooperation relationship with LG on the OLED display does not exist.

In South Korea, many Apple market agencies have also raised objections to Apple's push for OLED TV products, and believe that the possibility of Apple's cooperation with LG is very low.

The industry believes that Apple is now very interested in the TV industry, they will launch OLED TV products that allow users to stream music, video, and TV programs through iTunes, but this idea will not become a reality in the near future. At least 3 or 4 years later.

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