Hanzhi Economic Department invested 280 million US dollars to develop LED business

[High-tech LED News] The South Korean government announced that it will invest 300 billion won (about 279 million US dollars) to support the R&D and production of the LED industry by 2015, and prepare a support strategy to promote the LED industry to leap again.

It is understood that the South Korean government plans to push the LED lighting integration business to the global advanced position by 2015. The new policy focuses on how to integrate LED technology creatively with existing industries such as lighting and medical care to create higher added value. The technology, and put forward three major policy tasks to ensure the new market leading competitiveness, to ensure market creation and consumer trust, and to constitute a virtuous cycle of industrial ecology. And from the original blue LED, the development of diversified special wavelength or full-color products and other technologies, preparation for the activation of LED plant factory, intelligent car headlights and other creative LED fusion industry foundation.

To this end, the Ministry of Knowledge and Economics first combines LED and IT to ensure that new systems such as system lighting that saves energy through individual or central control, lighting tailored to user psychology and physiology, lighting with sterilization and purification functions, etc. force. At the same time, the South Korean government plans to implement the lighting function labeling system and the post-event management evaluation result system in 2011 to facilitate consumers to identify products, and at the same time induce large and small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen cooperation. It plans to operate the LED industry forum in 2011 and provide inter-enterprise cooperation. The technical exchange of LEDs compares experience exhibition halls, etc., which can reduce the cost burden of SMEs in LED lighting certification and structure a virtuous cycle of industrial ecology.

The South Korean government will also organize an organization tentatively named "LED Policy Agreement" to assist companies in the successful development of LED fusion technology. In addition, 70% of the Sejong City Building will use LED lighting to shape Sejong City into an LED city, and will invest 10 billion won (about 9.29 million U.S. dollars) in 2011 to replace 60% of the landscape lighting of 4 major rivers and 16 ponds. LED lighting.

Liu Xiugen, director of the Information and Communication Industry Policy Department of the Ministry of Knowledge and Information, said that if the power of the government and industry is assembled, South Korea will ensure its superior position in the LED lighting and integration market that is officially launched within one to two years.

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