Long Endurance Tethered UAV System

Long Endurance Tethered UAV System Ideafly 1.2 m industry waterproof drone supports Long Endurance Tethered UAV System 1,Product Introduction: Long Endurance Tethered UAV System using a mature flight platform, supply power for the drone through the ground power supply box,that solved the technical problem which the multi-rotor UAV life is limited. The drone can be available in infinite flight Theoretically. 1.2 m industry waterproof UAV tethered system can perform long-term or all-day air security, emergency events on-site command with 30x optical zoom camera, infrared thermal imaging camera and panoramic camera. Max payload:5-8KG Flight time(load):30minutes Flight time(No-load static wind hover):60minutes Flight controller:DJI A3 Supports ground station, DH image transmission Optional parts: waterproof dispenser, waterproof FPV camera, life jacket, Gopro sports camera, zoom camera, infrared camera, night vision camera, mirroless camera, water striation detector, over sight searchlight, Ultra-distance high-power Loudspeaker. We can customize this drone for you! 2, Features: 1.The fuselage is made of composite material, light weight and heavy load. 2.Quick detachable boom design for rapid takeoff and loading and unloading. 3.Streamlined design, strong wind resistance, fast speed. 4.Using mature flight control algorithm, stable performance, high security. 5.The endurance time is long, can be infinitely long Theoretically. 6.Can use external generators, DC AC power, for a wide range. 7.Can work with cars and boats, the maneuverability is strong 3.Size and weight: size:1000*1000*800mm; weight:30KG 4.Function parameter: Owned gasoline generator, can also use 220V mains, Automatic retractable line, Automatic traverse,Integrated voltage conversion module, Electric clutch, Digital steering gear and central control system. 5.Performance parameters: Support power:6000w Cable length:350m take-up speed:1m/s pay-off speed:not lower than 3m/s One key takeoff Autonomous hover Autonomous follow the travel platform in the car and boat More ditails information please visit http://www.ideaflyuav.com/products.html?keywords=IF1200S